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“A great idea where we can show off our pride and joys no matter what the weather without transport costs. Loads of fun and fantastic prizes plus we get to see and appreciate so many beautiful equines” Mandy Warburton

“I bought my youngster with the hopes & dreams of a lifetime ahead of us both. But a tragic accident has permanently retired him from the age of 4 & because I love him so dearly the online showing gives us a chance where conventional showing & competing cannot” Sara Studden

“I have lost all my confidence in my ability so don't like doing anything in front of anyone, so it would be lovely to take part in shows without my nerves being totally shattered “ Lorraine Gale

“T.e.a.l. is a therapy centre with horses helping people; many of them autistic children. We are a nonprofit organisation. Our client base would find it extremely difficult to physically go to a show and do in hand showing but this is possible with you. Brilliant idea!” Shaz Pugsey