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Everyday Dressage Results
August 2023



Judge: Helen Lewis List 3

ED 01A Walk Test 4A 2022 (unmounted)

1st Donna Shimwell 75%

2nd Emma Rennison 71.36%

3rd Lynda Bullock 70.45%

=4th Laurie Lamontagne 70%

=4th Sarah Jane King 70% (both same collectives)


ED 01B Walk Test 10 2023 (ridden)

1st Sarah Jane King 68.82%

2nd Phoebe Byrom 65%


ED 1 British Dressage Intro B (2008)

1st Sharron Camp 70.21%

2nd Tanya Bunkell 66.30%

3rd Kirsty Brown 66.08%

4th Ray Underwood 65.86%

5th Murron Parkington 65%

6th Emma Hayes 64.78%

7th Rebecca Maher 64.56%


ED 2 British Dressage Preliminary 2 (2016) Sponsored by Conchie Saddlery

1st Yazmin Coombes 68.62%

2nd Emily Chammings 67.24%

3rd Georgia Whichello 65.34%

4th Rebecca Maher 63.62%

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