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Online Showing Results
August 2023

Judged from all the Arena Champions - THE SUPREME CHAMPION of the show is...


𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐭𝐨...

Congratulations to Faye Davies & Withypoole Anstey Duke.

A very well presented and true to type Exmoor, showing lovely condition and movement. Well done.




ARENA ONE - Traditional Showing Breeds & Types


Champion: Faye Davies & Withypoole Anstey Duke

Reserve Champion: Amy Measor & Stamford Pride

Arena One Winners

Class 1 – Best Ridden Horse or Pony. Sponsored by The Ripley Collection - Horse and Dog Jewellery

1st Siobhan Dallaway & Dream on Harry. Lovely stamp of a show cob.
2nd Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank. Very correct Highland
3rd Caitlin Linklater & Milly
4th Robin Broughton & Willow B
5th Amy Measor & Stamford Pride
6th Sibella Valentine & Georgia
7th Laura Hall & Patchwork Beauty
8th Florence & Crosslands Bunnygirl.
Dekin & Sunshine Rainbow (Lois York)

Class 2 Best in Hand.
An incredible class with all marvellous horses.

1st Linda Graham and Dalesman of Combebank. - Absolutely stunning Highland, true to type and good conformation.
2nd Amy Measor and Stamford pride. - Gorgeous horse with lovely ground covering movement.
3rd Tanza Dryden & Willkay Bo Peep - really lovely young traditional. Already showing great conformation and movement.
4th. Diane Wynn &Martyr Tydfil Major - another very special young pony.
5th Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Annwyl - incredible young Welsh C , full of flash and spark.
6th Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut - a very lovely mini, what a great character.
7th Diane Wynn & Broadoak Willow - a very pretty Welsh
8th Gary Chiverton & Derwen Sior - a beautiful Welsh D


Caroline Lamb & Sparks

Class 3 – Veteran

1st – Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin (36) – this pony looks amazing for 36 – congratulations.

2nd – Caroline Lamb & Sparks (31/32)

3rd – Lora Hall & Patchwork Beauty (29)

4th – Katrina Chiverton & Crofter of Crendell (27)

5th – Laurie LaMontagne & Oatie (23 – 26)

6th – Helen Robb & Shannon (26)

7th – Sara McComb & Milo (30)

8th – Amy Measor & Stamford Pride (20)

Class 4 – Youngstock

1st – Sibella Valentine & Georgia (yearling) – stunning movement and so pretty - congratulations

2nd – Tanza Dryden & Willkay Bo Peep (16 months)

3rd – Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Annwyl (2 years)

4th – Diane Wynn & Martyr Tydfil Major (2 years)

5th – Helen Robb & Bud (yearling)

6th – Diane Wynn & Broadoak Willow (3 years)

7th – Jane Merrett & Fizz (2 years)

8th – Linda Graham & Simoon (yearling)

Special – Helen Ball & Lenny (13 months)


Class 5 - Best All Rounder - Sponsored and judged by Rachel at Nibbleze

1st Siobhan Dallaway & Dream On Harry.

2nd Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank.

3rd Florence & Bunny (Louise Golec

4th Caitlin Linklater & Milly

5th Lora Hall & Patchwork Beauty

6th Yasmin Coombes & Ystwyth Will.I.Am

7th Karen Cook & Tilley

8th Karen cook & Astra.

Class 6 Best UK Native.
Some wonderful ponies in this class making it very hard to judge.
1st Faye Davies & Withypoole Anstey Duke - lovely pony and so true to type.
2nd Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Annwyl - stunning Welsh C, a real star.
3rd Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank - incredible Highland and looks wonderful under saddle.
4th Diane Wynne & Martyr Tydfil Major - a really pretty Welsh pony.
5th Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin - a very cute little Shetland
6th Katrina Chiverton & Crofter of Crendell - a gorgeous Eriskay and so wonderful to see.
7th Gary Chiverton & Derwen Sior - what a very beautiful Welsh D.
8th Ayla Simpson-Cook & Cardinals Navajo Mink. - A very pretty pony .



Class 7- Jumping Stars Sponsored and judged by Andrea at Airframe Assemblies Ltd
1st Amy Measor & Plucain. Such a beautiful jump well done
2nd Siobhan Dallaway & Dream on Harry. A nice selection of jumps well done.

3rd Helen Robb & Milo, wow, what a take-off. Well done
4th Amy Measor and Stamford Pride
5th Florence & Bunny (Loise Golec)
6th Caitlin Linklater & Milly
7th Jenna Ashman & Rodders
8th Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank
Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin

Class 8 - Foreign Breeds
1st Amy Measor & Stamford Pride.
2nd Sibella Valentine & Eddy.
3rd Emma Rennison & Pepino (Andalusian)
4th Catherine Boyd & Duchess. Hanovarian
5th Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut (American Miniature)
6th Sibella Valentine & Georgia van de Portemonnees
7th Laurie LaMontagne & Captain Courageous (American Miniature)
8th Christine Norman & Queenie (American Paint Horse).

ARENA TWO - Colours, Condition & Conformation - Photo Classes


Champion:  Gary Chiverton & Derwen Sior

Reserve Champion: Siobhan Dallaway & Dream On Harry

Arena Two Winners

Class 10 Condition & Turnout - Sponsored by Equine Answers

One of the hardest classes I’ve judged, you all had horses in great condition. The turnout was also top notch.

1st Gary Chiverton & Derwen Sior . What a wonderful shine on that coat and in top condition weight wise. Beautifully turned out too.

2nd Lora Hall & Patchwork Beauty (29yrs). Looks incredible for age and in wonderful condition.

3rd Siobhan Dallaway & Dream On Harry stunning show cob, turned out well, looking fit and well but not fat. Lovely

4th Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Annwyl shinning with health and vitality. Beautiful turnout.

5th Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow. Excellent turnout of horse and rider. Horse in excellent condition.

6th Laurie LaMontagne & Oatie what a beautiful pair. Lovely turnout and a lovely shine on the mini

7th Caroline Lamb & Jack. Very handsome boy here and both really well turned out. Greys are not easy to get sparkling but you’ve managed.

8th Sara McComb & Black2Black. Really well turned out traditional and handler.


Class 11 -Prettiest Mar

1st Nicola Macey & Luna
2nd Christine Norman & Queenie
3rd Pamela Aitken & Broomfield Lola
4th Caitlin Macleod & Milly
5th Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B
6th Heeln Robb & Vienna
7th Sibella Valentine & Georgia Van de Portemonnees
8th Wendy Fuller & Dolly

Class 12 – Handsome Gelding
What a difficult class to judge, they are all beautiful, sorry I could not place them all.

1st Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank.
2nd Amy Measor & Stamford Pride.
3rd Katrina Chiverton & Derwen Sior
4th Heidi Gaskin & Freddie.
5th Diane Wynn & Broadoak Willow
6th Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin.
7th Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut
8th Freya Smith & Bramble.
Zadie Broad & Jet.

Class 13 - Best Halt

1st Sibella Valentine & Eddie absolutely perfectly square halt.

2nd Caitlin Macleod & Milly

3rd Julie Williams & Woody

4th Linda Graham & Carousel

5th Caroline Lamb & Jack

6th Karen Cook Tilley

7th Helen Robb & Shannan

8th Katrina Chiverton & Derwen Sior


Ray Underwood & Orlando.


Class 14 - Best Head Shot – Sponsored and judged  by Rachel's Makery & Co

WOW! What a class. This Best Head Shot Class was such a hard class to judge. Taking into account the title of the class, some superb photographs capturing these treasured companions were submitted. All beautiful horses. A pleasure to judge.

1st Caroline Lamb & Sparks

2nd Helen Robb & Vienna

3rd Leah Hustwayte & Sox

4th Pamela Aitken & Broomfield Lola

5th Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combeban

6th Faye Davies & Withypoole Anstey Duke

7th Tanza Dryden & Willkay Bo Peep

8th Julie Williams & Woody


Karen Cook & Tilley


Class 15 - Trottastic
1st Siobhan Dallaway & Dream on Harry. Tracking up beautifully.
2nd Caitlin Linklater. & Milly
3rd Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Annwyl
4th Amy Measor & Stamford Pride
5th Robyn Broughton & Gelliniog Kairon
6th Caroline Lamb & Sparks
7th Sibella Valentine & Georgia Van de Portermonnees
8th Tanza Dryden & Willkay Bo Peep

Class 16 - Best Canter or Gallop


1st Sibella Valentine & Georgia van de Portemonnees.

2nd Julie Williams & Woody.

3rd Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut.

4th Amy Measor & Stamford Pride.

5th Siobhan Dallaway & Dream On Harry

6th Robyn Broughton & Gelliniog Kairon.

7th Nicola Macey & Luna.

8th Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank

Class 17 – Solid Colour

1st – Jenna Ashman & Dawn – what gorgeous dapples – congratulations
2nd – Caroline Lamb & Sparks
3rd – Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B
4th – Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Anwyl
5th – Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut
6th – Katrina Chiverton & Derwen Sior
7th – Nicola Macey & Luna
8th – Rachel Saunders & Storm
Vanessa Staight & PJ.

ARENA THREE - Fun Classes - Photo Classes 




ChampionKim Maclennan & Hamish

Reserve Champion: Louise Golec & Bunny

Arena Three Winners

Class 19 - Best Newcomer

1st Gemma Sunderland & Bilbo.
2nd Rose Turner (9yrs) & Hippo age 22yrs.
3rd Florence & Crosslands Bunny Girl (Louise Golec).
4th Yasmin Coombes & Ystwyth Will.I.Am
5th Molly Turner 13yrs & Lenny 18yrs.
6th Billy Jo Howe & Paradise.
7th Hayley Gunn & Obi
8th Jane Merrett & Fizz
Wendy Fuller & Dolly.
Helen Robb & Milo.
Helen Robb & Vienna.

Class 20 - Best Calendar Shot (August) Sponsored and judged by Papercuts By Hannah
Judges comment: well done everyone! Some gorgeous summery shots on show here! If the winner would like to pop a message regarding their prize, that would be fab!

1st Leah Hustwayte & Bailey
2nd Kim Maclennan & Betsy
3rd Heidi Gaskin & Freddie
4th Linda Graham with Dabs & Pals
5th Caitlin Macleod & Milly
6th Karen Cook with Tilley & Rava
7th Rachel Saunders & Storm
8th Jane Merrett & Fizz

Class 21 - Make Me Smile - Sponsored and judged by Rachel at Great Dunton Farm track livery

1st Sibella Valentine & Eddy.

2nd Kim Maclennan & Bengy

3rd Sibella Valentine & Georgia.

4th Lois York & Lil Rock.

5th Katie Howard & Murphy.

6th Karen Cook & Rava & Tilley

7th Lora Hall & Patchwork Beauty.

8th Leah Hustwayte & Sox

Class 22 - Between The Ears

1st Karen Cook & Tilley
2nd Sara McComb & Back2Black.
3rd Julie Williams & Woody
4th Helen Bell & Keaton.
5th Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut.
6th Helen Robb & Shannan.
7th Sibella Valentine & Eddy.
8th Lora Hall & Patchwork Beauty
Melissa Middleton & Pompeii.

23 – Perfect Ponies - Sponsored by and judged by Jo at Star equine & animal edits

1st Louise Golec & Bunny
2nd Robyn Broughton & Gelliniog Kairon.
3rd Lois York & Lil Rock.
4th Tanza Dryden & Willkay Bo Peep 16mnths.
5th Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank.
6th Emery Coombes & Elmo.
7th Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin
8th Helen Ball & Bella.


Class 24 Equestrian Sunrises & Sunsets
Stunning entries from everyone.

1st – Kim Maclennan & Hamish – perfect composition - congratulations
2nd – Julie Williams & Woody
3rd – Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank
4th – Catherine Boyd & Dante
5th – Karen Cook & Rava & Tilley
6th – Leah Hustwayte & Bailey
7th – Heidi Gaskin & Ponies
8th – Catherine Boyd & Duchess

Class 25 - In Memory Of...
This is always the most difficult class to judge as there are so many special memories.

1st Linda Graham & Glenedin Darcy
2nd Helen Robb & Shannan.
3rd Yasmin Coombes & Babe
4th Karen Cook & Astra
5th Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B
6th Karen Cook & Jack
7th Lynda Bullock & GeeGee
8th Linda Graham Carousel

Class 26 - Pet of The Month

1st Kim Maclennan & Mitch
2nd Carol Ashman & Rodders.
3rd Lynda Bullock & Tigger.
4th Catherine Boyd & Nigel
5th Diane Wynne & Woody.
6th Heidi Gaskin & Trixie
7th Helen Robb & Sophie.
8th Elspeth & Snowy & Mummy.
Zadie Broad & Minnie.


Class 28 – In Hand Showing (video) -

1st Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut
A very correct and well presented Miniature
2nd Ami Measor & Stamdord Pride
Lovely big moving horse
3rd Rachel Saunders & Storm
Very true to type
4th Diane Wynne & Martyr Tydfil Major
Lovely young Sec A, could be a little more relaxed in the headcollar
5th Linda Bullock & Star
Super free moving Shetland
6th Faye Davies & Withypoole Anstey Duke
Super pony, just needs to develop your show so you are straight to the camera and remember the conformation bit.

Class 29 Clear Round (Video)
1st Lexie Butterworth & Stamford Pride
A lovely balanced round
2nd Yasmin Coombes & Ystwyth Will.I.Am
A forward thinking pony who enjoys his jumping
3rd Caitlin Macleod & Milly
A lovely round and well ridden into all your fences.

The Supreme Championship Entries...