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Online Showing Results
August 2023

Judged from all the Arena Champions - THE SUPREME CHAMPION of the show is...


𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐭𝐨...

Congratulations to Faye Davies & Withypoole Anstey Duke.

A very well presented and true to type Exmoor, showing lovely condition and movement. Well done.




ARENA ONE - Traditional Showing Breeds & Types


Champion: Faye Davies & Withypoole Anstey Duke

Reserve Champion: Amy Measor & Stamford Pride

Arena One Winners

Class 1 – Best Ridden Horse or Pony. Sponsored by The Ripley Collection - Horse and Dog Jewellery

1st Siobhan Dallaway & Dream on Harry. Lovely stamp of a show cob.
2nd Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank. Very correct Highland
3rd Caitlin Linklater & Milly
4th Robin Broughton & Willow B
5th Amy Measor & Stamford Pride
6th Sibella Valentine & Georgia
7th Laura Hall & Patchwork Beauty
8th Florence & Crosslands Bunnygirl.
Dekin & Sunshine Rainbow (Lois York)

Class 2 Best in Hand.
An incredible class with all marvellous horses.

1st Linda Graham and Dalesman of Combebank. - Absolutely stunning Highland, true to type and good conformation.
2nd Amy Measor and Stamford pride. - Gorgeous horse with lovely ground covering movement.
3rd Tanza Dryden & Willkay Bo Peep - really lovely young traditional. Already showing great conformation and movement.
4th. Diane Wynn &Martyr Tydfil Major - another very special young pony.
5th Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Annwyl - incredible young Welsh C , full of flash and spark.
6th Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut - a very lovely mini, what a great character.
7th Diane Wynn & Broadoak Willow - a very pretty Welsh
8th Gary Chiverton & Derwen Sior - a beautiful Welsh D


Caroline Lamb & Sparks

Class 3 – Veteran

1st – Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin (36) – this pony looks amazing for 36 – congratulations.

2nd – Caroline Lamb & Sparks (31/32)

3rd – Lora Hall & Patchwork Beauty (29)

4th – Katrina Chiverton & Crofter of Crendell (27)

5th – Laurie LaMontagne & Oatie (23 – 26)

6th – Helen Robb & Shannon (26)

7th – Sara McComb & Milo (30)

8th – Amy Measor & Stamford Pride (20)

Class 4 – Youngstock

1st – Sibella Valentine & Georgia (yearling) – stunning movement and so pretty - congratulations

2nd – Tanza Dryden & Willkay Bo Peep (16 months)

3rd – Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Annwyl (2 years)

4th – Diane Wynn & Martyr Tydfil Major (2 years)

5th – Helen Robb & Bud (yearling)

6th – Diane Wynn & Broadoak Willow (3 years)

7th – Jane Merrett & Fizz (2 years)

8th – Linda Graham & Simoon (yearling)

Special – Helen Ball & Lenny (13 months)


Class 5 - Best All Rounder - Sponsored and judged by Rachel at Nibbleze

1st Siobhan Dallaway & Dream On Harry.

2nd Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank.

3rd Florence & Bunny (Louise Golec

4th Caitlin Linklater & Milly

5th Lora Hall & Patchwork Beauty

6th Yasmin Coombes & Ystwyth Will.I.Am

7th Karen Cook & Tilley

8th Karen cook & Astra.

Class 6 Best UK Native.
Some wonderful ponies in this class making it very hard to judge.
1st Faye Davies & Withypoole Anstey Duke - lovely pony and so true to type.
2nd Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Annwyl - stunning Welsh C, a real star.
3rd Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank - incredible Highland and looks wonderful under saddle.
4th Diane Wynne & Martyr Tydfil Major - a really pretty Welsh pony.
5th Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin - a very cute little Shetland
6th Katrina Chiverton & Crofter of Crendell - a gorgeous Eriskay and so wonderful to see.
7th Gary Chiverton & Derwen Sior - what a very beautiful Welsh D.
8th Ayla Simpson-Cook & Cardinals Navajo Mink. - A very pretty pony .



Class 7- Jumping Stars Sponsored and judged by Andrea at Airframe Assemblies Ltd
1st Amy Measor & Plucain. Such a beautiful jump well done
2nd Siobhan Dallaway & Dream on Harry. A nice selection of jumps well done.

3rd Helen Robb & Milo, wow, what a take-off. Well done
4th Amy Measor and Stamford Pride
5th Florence & Bunny (Loise Golec)
6th Caitlin Linklater & Milly
7th Jenna Ashman & Rodders
8th Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank
Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin

Class 8 - Foreign Breeds
1st Amy Measor & Stamford Pride.
2nd Sibella Valentine & Eddy.
3rd Emma Rennison & Pepino (Andalusian)
4th Catherine Boyd & Duchess. Hanovarian
5th Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut (American Miniature)
6th Sibella Valentine & Georgia van de Portemonnees
7th Laurie LaMontagne & Captain Courageous (American Miniature)
8th Christine Norman & Queenie (American Paint Horse).

ARENA TWO - Colours, Condition & Conformation - Photo Classes


Champion:  Gary Chiverton & Derwen Sior

Reserve Champion: Siobhan Dallaway & Dream On Harry

Arena Two Winners

Class 10 Condition & Turnout - Sponsored by Equine Answers

One of the hardest classes I’ve judged, you all had horses in great condition. The turnout was also top notch.

1st Gary Chiverton & Derwen Sior . What a wonderful shine on that coat and in top condition weight wise. Beautifully turned out too.

2nd Lora Hall & Patchwork Beauty (29yrs). Looks incredible for age and in wonderful condition.

3rd Siobhan Dallaway & Dream On Harry stunning show cob, turned out well, looking fit and well but not fat. Lovely

4th Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Annwyl shinning with health and vitality. Beautiful turnout.

5th Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow. Excellent turnout of horse and rider. Horse in excellent condition.

6th Laurie LaMontagne & Oatie what a beautiful pair. Lovely turnout and a lovely shine on the mini

7th Caroline Lamb & Jack. Very handsome boy here and both really well turned out. Greys are not easy to get sparkling but you’ve managed.

8th Sara McComb & Black2Black. Really well turned out traditional and handler.


Class 11 -Prettiest Mar

1st Nicola Macey & Luna
2nd Christine Norman & Queenie
3rd Pamela Aitken & Broomfield Lola
4th Caitlin Macleod & Milly
5th Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B
6th Heeln Robb & Vienna
7th Sibella Valentine & Georgia Van de Portemonnees
8th Wendy Fuller & Dolly

Class 12 – Handsome Gelding
What a difficult class to judge, they are all beautiful, sorry I could not place them all.

1st Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank.
2nd Amy Measor & Stamford Pride.
3rd Katrina Chiverton & Derwen Sior
4th Heidi Gaskin & Freddie.
5th Diane Wynn & Broadoak Willow
6th Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin.
7th Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut
8th Freya Smith & Bramble.
Zadie Broad & Jet.

Class 13 - Best Halt

1st Sibella Valentine & Eddie absolutely perfectly square halt.

2nd Caitlin Macleod & Milly

3rd Julie Williams & Woody

4th Linda Graham & Carousel

5th Caroline Lamb & Jack

6th Karen Cook Tilley

7th Helen Robb & Shannan

8th Katrina Chiverton & Derwen Sior


Ray Underwood & Orlando.


Class 14 - Best Head Shot – Sponsored and judged  by Rachel's Makery & Co

WOW! What a class. This Best Head Shot Class was such a hard class to judge. Taking into account the title of the class, some superb photographs capturing these treasured companions were submitted. All beautiful horses. A pleasure to judge.

1st Caroline Lamb & Sparks

2nd Helen Robb & Vienna

3rd Leah Hustwayte & Sox

4th Pamela Aitken & Broomfield Lola

5th Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combeban

6th Faye Davies & Withypoole Anstey Duke

7th Tanza Dryden & Willkay Bo Peep

8th Julie Williams & Woody


Karen Cook & Tilley


Class 15 - Trottastic
1st Siobhan Dallaway & Dream on Harry. Tracking up beautifully.
2nd Caitlin Linklater. & Milly
3rd Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Annwyl
4th Amy Measor & Stamford Pride
5th Robyn Broughton & Gelliniog Kairon
6th Caroline Lamb & Sparks
7th Sibella Valentine & Georgia Van de Portermonnees
8th Tanza Dryden & Willkay Bo Peep

Class 16 - Best Canter or Gallop


1st Sibella Valentine & Georgia van de Portemonnees.

2nd Julie Williams & Woody.

3rd Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut.

4th Amy Measor & Stamford Pride.

5th Siobhan Dallaway & Dream On Harry

6th Robyn Broughton & Gelliniog Kairon.

7th Nicola Macey & Luna.

8th Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank

Class 17 – Solid Colour

1st – Jenna Ashman & Dawn – what gorgeous dapples – congratulations
2nd – Caroline Lamb & Sparks
3rd – Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B
4th – Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Anwyl
5th – Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut
6th – Katrina Chiverton & Derwen Sior
7th – Nicola Macey & Luna
8th – Rachel Saunders & Storm
Vanessa Staight & PJ.

ARENA THREE - Fun Classes - Photo Classes 




ChampionKim Maclennan & Hamish

Reserve Champion: Louise Golec & Bunny

Arena Three Winners

Class 19 - Best Newcomer

1st Gemma Sunderland & Bilbo.
2nd Rose Turner (9yrs) & Hippo age 22yrs.
3rd Florence & Crosslands Bunny Girl (Louise Golec).
4th Yasmin Coombes & Ystwyth Will.I.Am
5th Molly Turner 13yrs & Lenny 18yrs.
6th Billy Jo Howe & Paradise.
7th Hayley Gunn & Obi
8th Jane Merrett & Fizz
Wendy Fuller & Dolly.
Helen Robb & Milo.
Helen Robb & Vienna.

Class 20 - Best Calendar Shot (August) Sponsored and judged by Papercuts By Hannah
Judges comment: well done everyone! Some gorgeous summery shots on show here! If the winner would like to pop a message regarding their prize, that would be fab!

1st Leah Hustwayte & Bailey
2nd Kim Maclennan & Betsy
3rd Heidi Gaskin & Freddie
4th Linda Graham with Dabs & Pals
5th Caitlin Macleod & Milly
6th Karen Cook with Tilley & Rava
7th Rachel Saunders & Storm
8th Jane Merrett & Fizz

Class 21 - Make Me Smile - Sponsored and judged by Rachel at Great Dunton Farm track livery

1st Sibella Valentine & Eddy.

2nd Kim Maclennan & Bengy

3rd Sibella Valentine & Georgia.

4th Lois York & Lil Rock.

5th Katie Howard & Murphy.

6th Karen Cook & Rava & Tilley

7th Lora Hall & Patchwork Beauty.

8th Leah Hustwayte & Sox

Class 22 - Between The Ears

1st Karen Cook & Tilley
2nd Sara McComb & Back2Black.
3rd Julie Williams & Woody
4th Helen Bell & Keaton.
5th Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut.
6th Helen Robb & Shannan.
7th Sibella Valentine & Eddy.
8th Lora Hall & Patchwork Beauty
Melissa Middleton & Pompeii.

23 – Perfect Ponies - Sponsored by and judged by Jo at Star equine & animal edits

1st Louise Golec & Bunny
2nd Robyn Broughton & Gelliniog Kairon.
3rd Lois York & Lil Rock.
4th Tanza Dryden & Willkay Bo Peep 16mnths.
5th Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank.
6th Emery Coombes & Elmo.
7th Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin
8th Helen Ball & Bella.


Class 24 Equestrian Sunrises & Sunsets
Stunning entries from everyone.

1st – Kim Maclennan & Hamish – perfect composition - congratulations
2nd – Julie Williams & Woody
3rd – Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank
4th – Catherine Boyd & Dante
5th – Karen Cook & Rava & Tilley
6th – Leah Hustwayte & Bailey
7th – Heidi Gaskin & Ponies
8th – Catherine Boyd & Duchess

Class 25 - In Memory Of...
This is always the most difficult class to judge as there are so many special memories.

1st Linda Graham & Glenedin Darcy
2nd Helen Robb & Shannan.
3rd Yasmin Coombes & Babe
4th Karen Cook & Astra
5th Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B
6th Karen Cook & Jack
7th Lynda Bullock & GeeGee
8th Linda Graham Carousel

Class 26 - Pet of The Month

1st Kim Maclennan & Mitch
2nd Carol Ashman & Rodders.
3rd Lynda Bullock & Tigger.
4th Catherine Boyd & Nigel
5th Diane Wynne & Woody.
6th Heidi Gaskin & Trixie
7th Helen Robb & Sophie.
8th Elspeth & Snowy & Mummy.
Zadie Broad & Minnie.