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Meet the Team

The Main Show was created in 2016 and running as a popular online horse show, in 2019 it became available to purchase, I made the decision to take over The Mane Show. Keen to put my own mark on the show; in 2020 we became a British Dressage Online Provider upgrading our “Everyday Dressage” platform, allowing us to use British Dressage Tests and offer our competitors the opportunity to be judged by BD listed judges, providing positive feedback, helping riders to progress and develop their skills at all levels.  

We are a small team who work hard to bring you an interesting schedule of events each month, any suggestions of ideas you have for classes are always welcomed! We also have wonderful sponsors, who generously offer prizes for classes, as well as providing the rosettes. 


Going forward, our plans are to increase our popularity internationally and to try to work together with societies to eventually create an online platform for qualifiers. This would allow competitors opportunities to enjoy some popular high profile shows.

Watch this space.



Horses have been my passion since leaving school, I now work as a BHS Professional Accredited Coach and British Dressage List 5 Judge, this has allowed me to share my passion to help develop riders and their horses at all levels. 

As a coach, I became aware that many equestrians could not get out to compete with their horses for a variety of reasons, and I felt there was a real need to develop a platform for bringing competitions to the homes of those who cannot get out to compete, without the constraints of travel, injury, age, time, and expense. Hence, in 2016, my first Online Horse Show was born, and I created Global Showing.  In 2019, I had the opportunity to also acquire The Mane Show.

Photo: Sue's Advanced Medium horse, De Paradisus Maximus (Max at home)

Anne (1)_edited.jpg

With the ever growing success of the Mane Show, I was invited to join the Everyday Dressage team in January 2022.

I consider myself lucky that horses have always been a major part of my life. As a BHS qualified instructor, I have coached flatwork and judged dressage for British Eventing, The Pony Club and Riding Clubs. I have evented to Intermediate level and have competed at both National and Regional Dressage Championships on home bred horses. Most recently I have competed to Advanced Medium with training at Advanced level. My favourite class has always been Freestyle to Music, it makes me smile! Having said this, I have a great interest in the progression of steps in dressage training, from grassroots upwards and strive to keep my knowledge up to date with current thinking. There is always something new to read and consider, and to me that’s one of the joys of dressage.


Photo: Anne's Advanced Medium horse, Thomas (Freestyle to Music) 

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