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The Results Are In...
Winning rosettes and prizes without leaving the yard!

JULY 2022

Judged from all the Arena Champions - THE SUPREME CHAMPION of the show is...

Congratulations to

 Ellie Lethaby & Sovereign


Winners of Class 1 Best Ridden and Class 6 Best All Rounder, a very versatile mare that enjoys many different activities including producing a lovely foal. Superbly presented and turned out. A credit to you. Well done

Ellie Lethaby & Sovereign



Judge: Amanda Rawson British Dressage List 4

ED 01 Walk Test 6 Unmounted

Sponsored by Papercuts By Hannah

1stDona Shimwell & Keith 73.18% (collectives)

2nd Hayley Carter & Cwmstar Charlie 73.18%

3rd Amy Doherty & Nobby 69.1%

4th Lynda Bullock & Boody 68.64%

5th Sarah Jane King 65.00%


ED1 British Dressage Intro A (2008)

Sponsored by @Attempting To Dressage (Instagram)

1st Becky Webb & Llanidan Portia 71.52%

2nd Rebecca Maher & Abanderada XI 68.48&

3rd Emma Hayes&Fairfax Fletcher66.30%

4thDonna Shimwell & Cassie65.86%

5thAmy Doherty & 65.22%

6th Ellie Heath & Autumn Breeze 64.56%

7thEmma Hayes & Yasser Arafat60.65%



Sponsored by Conchie Saddlery

1STAli Taylor & Joey 70.96%

2ndRuby Dennett & Aynsome Spring Storm67.88%

3rdRachel Gisby & Midnight Storm 66.54%

4th Rebecca Maher & Abanderada XI66.15%


Sponsored by Spencer Memorial

1st Michelle Collins & Rusheen Paddy 64.23%



Sponsored By Global Showing The Online Horse Show

1st Ruby Dennett & Aynsome Spring Storm 62.4%

2nd Hannah Cornford & Barley 58.6%



Sponsored by The Mane Show -

1st Scarlett Parkington & Jim67.11%

2ND Amy Doherty & Nobby66.32%

3rd Emma Hayes & Yasser Arafat 62.89%



ARENA ONE - Traditional Showing Breeds & Types (Photo Classes)

Class 1 – Best Ridden Horse/Pony

Sponsored by The Ripley Collection - Horse and Dog Jewellery

There were some superb entries forward this month and it was very difficult to narrow it down to eight. Well done to everyone.

1st – Ellie Lethaby & Sovereign – super collection and scope. Great rider position – congratulations

2nd – Polly Pickford-Swift & Whizz – Lovely calm, relaxed riding

3rd – Stephanie Gordon & Cristiano Z – Energetic uphill paces demonstrated

4th – Polly Pickford-Swift & Alfie

5th – Lucia Slatcher & Frankie

6th – Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank

7th – Sibella Valentine & Eddy

8th – Sharon James & Blazing Moonshine Margarita


Class 2 - Best Inhand Horse/Pony

What a lovely class with so many fabulous horses/ponies

1. Sara McComb & Back 2 black - Lovely Traditional, very true to type

2. Michelle Brindle & Pru - Absolutely stunning little Welsh with lots of presence

3. Ami Measor & Stamford pride -Lovely horse with good movement and conformation

4. Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Annwyl - Beautiful Welsh C with fabulous presence

5. Laurie LaMontagne & Oatie - Beautiful pony

6. Liz Buxton and Millie -Fabulous horse, lovely conformation

7. Diane Markarsie & Kirby’s lucky Ted - Lovely kind head

8. Polly Pickford-Swift & Alfie -Stunning


Class 3 - Best Veteran age 15 +

Well done everyone, these horses are a credit to you

1st Sarah Jane King & Shandy 28yrs - Lovely to see our older horses enjoying life, lovely condition

2nd Laura Frewer & Revel 28yrs - Looking very fir and enjoying life

3rd Polly Pickford-Swift & Whizz 21yrs - Keeping very fit and superb condition

4th Laurie LaMontagne & Oatie 25yrs - Enjoying life and having fun

5th Georgina Walker & Marijke (25yrs) - Looking very well

6th Lynda Bullock & Gee Gee 24yrs - Lovely condition

7th Ami Measor & Stamford Pride 20yrs Very fit and lovely condition

8th Becky Webb & Llanidan Portia 18yrs -Enjoying her work


Class 4 - Youngstock

This is a very difficult class as all babies are gorgeous and they are all at very different stages of development.

1 Heidi Gaskin & Ruby. Beautiful correct filly, I could very happily bring her home with me!

2 Sibella Valentine & Georgia van de Portermonnees - She’s going to be amazing when she’s mature

3 Eileen Brooks & Dorado

4 Victoria Borthwick & Azafran

5 Rachel Saunders & Storm

6 Katrina Chiverton & CymroAnnwyl

7 Bill Jo Howe & Crown Exclusive

8 Robyn Broughton & Solgaleo


Class 5 – Foreign Breeds

1st – Georgina Walker & Marijke – A super selection of photos showing the versatility of this lovely breed – congratulations

2nd – Sibella Valentine & Eddy – What’s not to love about this gorgeous Friesian

3rd – Eileen Brooks & Puma – Super shot of a PRE doing what he does best

4th – Ami Measor & Stamford Pride

5th – Sibella Valentine & Georgia van de Portemonneess

6th – Kate Hunt & Czaringo

7th – Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut

8th – Liz Buxton & Millie


Class 6 - Best All Rounder

Sponsored and judged by Rachel at Nibbleze

1. Ellie Lethaby & Sovereign

2. Kirstin Tricker & Whitehawk Dior

3. Stephanie Gordan & Cristiano Z

4. Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut

5. Polly Pickford-Swift & Alfie

6. Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank

7. Kate Reeves & PJ

8. Polly Pickford-Swift & Whizz


Class 7 - Best Cob/Cob Type

Sponsored and judged by - Airframe Assemblies LTD

1st Sarah McComb and Back2 Black - Beautiful Cob, lovely Outline well done

2nd Mhairi Donald and Indie Rock Anthem - Very smart, lovely cob well done

3rd Diane MacKarsie and Kidbys Lucky Ted - Very nice boy, lovely headshot, well done

4th Nicola Macey and Luna

5th Katrina Chiverton and Cymro Annwyl

6th Heidi Gaskin and Ruby Tuedsday

7th Linda Graham and Dalesman of Combebank.

8th Julie Williams and Woody


Class 8 - Showing Stars

1. Polly Pickford-Swift & Whizz - Stunning pony, showing great versatility in showing.

2. Michelle Brindle & Pru - Lovely pony and lovely movement

3. Ami Measor & Stamford pride - Absolutely beautiful

4. Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut - Gorgeous little mini

5. Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Annwyl - Stunning pony, absolutely gleams.

6. Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B - Absolutely fabulous horse, showing good conformation, movement and type

7. Polly Pickford- Swift & Oscar - Stunning

8. Polly Pickford-Swift & Alfie - Excellent versatility and true to type

Specials to:

Diane Mackarsie & Kidby’s Lucky Ted - Much too lovely to get left out

Lyta Walker & Willow - Lovely riding type


Class 9 - Best At Home Photo

Sponsored and judged by Rachel at

Great Dunton Farm track Livery

1. Ali Jane & Barney

2. Billy Jo Howe & Rosie

3. Heidi Gaskin & Ruby

4. Becky Webb & Llanidan Portia

5. Sibella Valentine & Georgia van de Portemonnees

6. Kim Maclennan & Annabel

7. Victoria Cope & Diamondor

8. Daisy Jones & Honey


Arena One Championship

Champion: Ellie Lethaby & Sovereign

Reserve Champion: Sara McComb & Back2Black

ARENA TWO - Colours, Condition & Conformation (Photo Classes)

Class 11 - Condition and Turn out 

Sponsored by Equine Answers

What a super standard, all horse look fabulous, well done to you all.

1st Faye Wressle & Stanley

2nd Ami Measor & Stamford Pride

3rd Polly Pickford-Swift & Oscar

4th Sara McComb & Back2Black

5th Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Annwyl

6th Mhairi Donald & Indie Rock Anthem

7th Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut

8th Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B


Class 12 - Charming Chestnuts, Palominos & Duns

1st Katrina Chiverton & Cymro Annwyl

2nd Eileen Brooks & Urogallo

3rd Laurie LaMontagne & Oatie

4th Stephanie Gordan & Leo

5th Kate Hunt & Cherokee Golden Sunset

6th Daisy Jones & Honey

7th Arther Walker & Bob

8th Heidi Gaskin & Ruby Tuesday


Class 13 – Beautiful Bays & Blacks

1st – Polly Pickford-Swift & Oscar – gorgeous horse with picture perfect presentation

2nd – Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B

3rd – Nicola Macey & Luna

4th – Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut

5th – Sibella Valentine & Eddy

6th – Polly Pickford-Swift & Whizz

7th – Sara McComb & Back 2 Black

8th – Michelle Brindle & Floyd

Special: Laura Frewer & Revel


Class 14 - Classy Coloureds/Greys (skewbald, piebald, roan, appaloosa,etc)

1st Kirstin Tricker & Whitehawk Dior

Stunning horse, well done

2nd Ami Measor & Stamford Pride

3rd Laurie LaMontagne & Missy J Jet

4th Suzan Van Rhoon & Elmhurst Pixie

5th Liz Buxton & Millie

6th Mhairi Donald & Indie Rock Anthem

7th Rebecca Black & Merlin

8th Lyta Walker & Jack


Class 15 - Manes & Tails

Judged by J. Attrill

1st Heidi Gaskin - Ruby Tuesday 

What a lovely well kept mane 

2nd Ali Jane - Hugo 

What lovely, neat and tidy plaits

3rd Heidi Gaskin - Haggis

4th Rachael Hurd - Tiffany

5th Mhairi Donald - Indie Rock Anthem

6th Diane Mackarsie - Kidbys Lucky Ted

7th Georgina Walker - Marilee

8th Karen Cook - Tilly

Special:  Sibella Valentine - Eddy


Class 16 Natural Portrait

Sponsored and judged By CotswoldJewellery

1st Heidi Gaskin & Ruby Tuesday

2nd Julie Williams & Woody

3rd Laurie LaMontagne & Bitty

4th Joanne Britton & Roe Maimoon

5th Ellie Lethaby & Roo

6th Kelsey Officer & Oatie

7th Eileen Brooks & Puma

8th Victoria Cope & Diamondor


Laura Frewer & Revel

Polly Pickford-Swift & Bruce


Class 17 Prettiest Mare

1 Heidi Gaskin & Ruby Tuesday. She’s just gorgeous!

2 Kirsty Brown & Simply Charlotte lovely girl.

3 Georgina Walker & Marijke

4 Kirstin Tricker & Whitehawk Dior

5 Suzan Van Rhoon & Elmhurst Pixie & TSM The Shadow

6 Daisy Jones & Honey

7 Laurie LaMontagne & Bittersweet

8 Sibella Valentine & Georgia van de Portemonnees


Class 18 – Handsome Gelding

Stunning horses and well done to all.

1st Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank

2nd Polly Pickford-Swift & Oscar

3rd Diane Mackarsie & Kidbys Lucky Ted

4th Sibella Valentine & Eddy

5th Ami Measor & Stamford

6th Karen Cook & Solomon

7th Lucia Slatcher & Frankie

8th Sky Jackson & Twosday


Class 19 - Concours d'Elegance

1st – Polly Pickford-Swift & Alfie (blue outfit) – a beautiful historical costume - congratulations

2nd – Polly Pickford-Swift & Alfie (red outfit)

3rd – Polly Pickford-Swift & Alfie (purple outfit)

4th – Diane Mackarsie & Kidby’s Lucky Ted

5th – Polly Pickford-Swift & Whizz

6th – Marybeth Walker & Black Beauty

7th – Ruby Dennett & Aynsome Spring Storm

8th – Kelsey Officer & Ronswood Galaxy



Champion: Heidi Gaskin & Ruby Tuesday

Reserve Champion: Polly Pickford-Swift



ARENA THREE - Fun Classes (Photo Classes)

Class 21 - Best Newcomer

1st Georgina Walker & Marijke

2nd Sara McComb & Beatrice

3rd Kirstin Tricker & Whitehawk Dior

4th Francesca Tyrer-Bragg & Doorage Playmate

5th Robyn Broughton & Solgaleo

6th Billy Jo Howe & Hope

7th Daisy Jones & Honey

8th Sky Jackson & Twosday


Ali Jane & Norman

Stephanie Gordan & Leo


Class 22 - Summer Fun

Ponies have been having lots of fun this summer. Great photos and well done everyone

1st Rachael Hurd & Tiffany

2nd Kim Maclennan & Hamish

3rd Lucia Slatcher & Frankie

4th Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin

5th Caris Cooper & Tigger

6th Marybeth Walker & Black Beauty

7th Ellie Lethaby & Sovereign

8th Evie Johns & Izzy


Class 23 - Best Calendar Shot July

Some stunning shots here. Well done

1st Kim Maclennan & Bengy

2nd Julie Williams & Woody

3rd Heidi Gaskin & Ruby Tuesday

4th Laurie LaMontagne & Oatie

5th Karen Cook & Dinky

6th Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin

7th Diane Mackarsie & Kidbys Lucky Ted

8th Marybeth Walker & Black Beauty


Evie Johns & Izzy

Hannah McNinley & Rock On Rodger


Class 24 – Make Me Smile

Sponsored and judged by Star Equine & Animal Edits

1st Rachael Hurd & Tiffany

2nd Sky Jackson & Twosday

3rd Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin

4th Laurie LaMontagne & Dan & Captain Courageous

5th Suzan Van Rhoon & TSM The Shadow

6th Kim Maclennan & Hamish

7th Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank

8th Rebecca Black & Daisy & Nutkin

Rachael please can you contact Jo to discuss your prize via her page.


Class 25 – In The Countryside

Sponsored and judged by by Papercuts By Hannah

Well done everyone, lovely seeing the beautiful countryside you and your horses enjoy. 

1. Polly Pickford-Swift and Oscar

2. Julie Williams and Woody

3. Kim Maclennan and Bengey

4. Joanne Britton and Roe Maimoon

5. Lucia Slatcher and Frankie

6. Heidi Gaskin and Freddie

7. Diane Mackarsie and Kidbys Lucky Ted

8. Billy Jo Howe and Pumpkin

Special: Leanne Lawlor and Milly


Class 26 Bonny Pony

1 Heidi Gaskin & Haggis. Such a Bonny wee thing.

2 Lynda Bullock & Eves Lane Marmaset, beautiful pony

3 Linda Graham & Dalesman of Combebank

4 Billy Jo Howe & Pumpkin

5 Kate Reeves & Molly & Will

6 Rachel Hurd & Kimi

7 Laurie La Montagne & Captain Courageous

8 Diane Mackarsie & Kidbys Lucky Ted


Class 27 In Memory Of...

Thank you all for sharing these beautiful photos of your Rainbow Bridge Horses. They are all very special and so difficult to judge.

1st Kate Reeves & Harry

2nd Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B

3rd Victoria Borthwick & Lady van de Sluize

4th Lyta Walker & Honey

5th Sibella Valentine & Gerlof

6th Karen Cook & Gina

7th Linda Graham & Glenedin Darcy

8th Ali Jane & Morengo


Class 28 Happy Hacking

Sponsored by TotallyTurmeric

1. Julie Williams & Woody

2. Polly Pickford-Swift & Alfie

3. Kim Maclennan & Annabel

4. Michelle Brindle & Floyd

5. Sara McComb & Beatrice

6. Lyta Walker & Jack

7. Billy Jo Howe & Hope

8. Diane Mackarsie & Kidbys Lucky Ted


Class 29 - Pet Of The Month

Sponsored by Kobees Kookies

1st Kelsey Officer & Arlo

2nd Ami Measor & Bertie

3rd Polly Pickford-Swift & Dexter

4th Rebecca black & Aaron

5th Faye Wressle & Tess

6th Kate Reeves & Dougie 

7th Heidi Gaskin & Trixie

8th Elspeth & Snuggles

Special: lspeth & Snuggles

Class 31 Inhand Showing - Very difficult to choose amongst these super horses, they are a credit to you.

1st Ami Measor & Stamford Pride - Lovely horse showing good condition and forward movement

2nd Rachel Saunders & Storm - Good free movement and super condition

3rd Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut - Lovely miniature, super condition and lovely shine.

4th Laurie LaMontagne & Captain Courageous - Super condition and coat looks fabulous.


Class 32 Best All-Round Horse (Video)

Well done both of you, very enjoyable to watch the activities and see the relationship you both share with your horses.

1st Lucia Slatcher & Frankie - A super video really showing what he can do, he looks like he enjoys everything and enjoys a lot of cuddles. Well done.

2nd Sarah Jane King & Shandy 28yrs - Such a lovely and well-loved pony, who enjoys all activities. Looks in fabulous condition and very fit for his age. A real credit to you.




Champion: Kim Maclennan & Bengy

Reserve Champion:  Georgina Walker & Marijke

Thank you for all your wonderful entries, see you next month!

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