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Welcome to The Mane Show

Equestrian Showing & Everyday Dressage Online
July Update...

Entries are now open for the July Show and will close on the 4th August at 8pm.

Horse Agility entries will close on the 31st July at 8pm.

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Win Beautiful Rosettes & Prizes Without Leaving The Yard

The Mane Show offers a variety of photo and video classes that are scheduled each month and cover everything from dressage and traditional showing classes to wacky fun themes. There really is something for everyone and every equine with a affordable entry fees starting from £3.50.

As well as running the Online Showing series; in April 2016 we launched our brand new Everyday Dressage series, which is approved by British Dressage.  With relaxed rules that allows you to compete in your everyday tack (and clothes) without the bit or bitless restrictions of traditional dressage competitions.

The Mane Show Online Showing and Dressage competitions are the perfect way for you to compete from your yard. Fun and affordable showing for your horse or pony, without the pressure of leaving your yard. Perfect for young, novice or nervous horses and riders, or if you would simply like to mark your progress in the ring.  Our qualified Dressage judges will give you great feedback on your test too.

The Equestrian Showing Online Schedule and Everyday Dressage Schedule are different each month, to offer more variety of classes (feel free to email any new ideas to us). Entries open on the 1st of every month and close on the date and time stated in the schedule. 

We award gorgeous rosettes to all those that are placed in our classes and there is a prize for the winner of each class.  We also have Arena Championship classes and a Supreme Champion for the showing classes.


All entries, results and winners photo's are posted to

The Mane Show's website as well as our Facebook page.


Rosettes and prizes are posted to you once all results are finalised; don't forget to send us some pictures of your horses wearing their Mane Show rosettes.

All competitors who are placed will be entered in to the

The Mane Show Accumulator annual points competition. Those with the most points win luxury engraved rosettes and prizes at the end of the year. Points mean prizes!

We really hope that you enjoy The Mane Show and make sure that you check the schedule each month to see which classes to enter. 

Good luck and most importantly, have fun! 

The Mane Show x

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