December 2020 Results

SUPREME CHAMPIONSHIP results - Judged by The Mane Show. 

THE SUPREME CHAMPIONS of the December 2020 show is  - 


Winner of Condition & Turnout and both Best Ridden and Inhand classes this month under two different judges, this pony has earned the title of Supreme Champion in our last show of 2020. Well done to both of you

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  • Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist
  • Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist
  • Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist

Everyday Dressage 

December 2020 Everyday Dressage Results

Class ED01 Unmounted Test 2 (walk only)

1st Lindsey Duckett & Zippy 73.93%

2nd Lucy Cassidy & Wild Summer 73.57%

3rd Claire Sallis & Teddy (2yrs) 67.14%

4th Claire Sallis & Moon (2yrs) 64.28%

Class ED1 - Intro C 2016

1st Sorrel Griffiths & Birch Trees Warrior 68.70%

2nd Sarah Willson-Beare & Delicada MG 68.04& (collectives)

3rd Frankie Parr & Bella 68.04% (collectives)

4th Roxanne Isbell & Nellie 65.87%

5th Lucy Cassidy & Wild Summer 65.65%

6th MJ & Charlie 65.43%

7th Jasmine Williams & Tulip 64.56%

8th Hannah Hughes & Thunderpants 64.35%

Class ED2 - Prelim 2 2016

1st Victoria Mccandless & Koolstyle 67.76%

2nd Rebecca Reed 66.38%

3rd Jasmine williams + Tulip 65.52%

Class ED3 - Novice 30 2006

1st Stacey Barr & Danish Blues 69.42%

Class ED4 Elementary 44 2002

1st Helen Grant & Across The Road 69.20%

2nd Stacey Barr & Danish Blues 68.00%

3rd Lindsey Duckett & Zippy 66.40%

4th Daniee Willis 65.20%

Class ED5 - Prix Caprilli Intro 3

1st Lucy Cassidy & Wild Summer 69.75%

2nd Jasmine Williams - Tulip 68.50%

Equestrian Showing Online

Arena One - Traditional Showing/Breeds/Types - Photo Classes - Rosettes 1st - 8th Place + Specials (where awarded) - Prize to 1st place - £3.50 per class

Class 1 – Best Ridden

1st Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist

2nd Jenni Evans & Mikey

3rd Sarah Wilson-Beare & Delicada MG

4th Jasmine Williams & Tulip

5th Zoe Nichols & Logan

6th Letia & Oreo (Suzette Tweddle)

7th Robyn Broughton & Claybank Williw B

8th Ioan Barrett & Blaze (Rhoswen Dior)

Class 2 Best In hand Horse/Pony Sponsored by The Ripley Collection

1st – Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist – lovely forward going photos and what a glorious dappled coat – congratulations

2nd – Pauline Roskilly & Ruby – more forward going photos and beautiful turnout

3rd – Penny O’Connor & Jack – a fantastic heavy horse showing great movement

4th – Kimberley Chapman & Landsend Marius – a nice selection of photos showing lots of movement

5th – Hannah Powis & Dolly – a nice traditional cob with lovely markings

6th – Bryony Allen & Dolly – very polite towards her handler

7th – Ioan Barrett & Blaze (Rhoswen Dior) – a lovely pony looking after its little handler

8th – Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut – a super stamp of a miniature horse

Class 3 - Best Veteran 15+

All these horses look very happy and content and a credit to all of you. This class is difficult, but always a pleasure to judge. Well done.

1st Caroline Lamb & Sparks(30yrs)

What a super pony, fit and enjoying himself

2nd Shanice Hutton & Farah(35yrs)

3rd Hannah Powis & Narmi(30yrs)

4th Marika Linna & Rosanna Liljendal (31yrs)

5th Jordan Wood & RH Easy Street(28yrs)

6th Amy Taylor & Moortown Juno(26yrs)

7th Sally McSorley & Peter Pan.(24yrs)

8th Nikkii Arnold & Mally(23yrs)


Kim Robinson & Mr Tom (22yrs)

Class 4 - Youngstock

Stunning range of Youngstock, well done all and good luck for the future.

1st Gill Gould & Wild Heart(3mnths)

2nd Amy Taylor & Tireve Tywysoges Diva(8mnths)

3rd Wendy Fenton & Amarillo Boom(Birth - 1yr)

4th Michelle Rouse & Maverick (2yrs)

5th Elizabeth Buxton & Millie(3yrs)

6th Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B(Yearling)

7th Claire Sallis & Teddy(2yrs)

8th Helen Dixon & Rio(8 mnths)

Class 5 – Best All Rounder - Sponsored and judged by Nibbleze

1st Eve Batty & Waldo

2nd Amber Taylor & Colonel Whispers

3rd Ioan Barrett & Blaze (Rhoswen Dior)

4th Amy Louise Harris & Waxwing Rigmarole

5th Delaney Kenney & Aislynn

6th Anne Cooper & Finn

7th Hannah Powis & Narmi

8th Jenni Evans & Mikey

Class 6 - Dressage Divas

1st Priya Mason & Diva

Lovely way of going, looking supple and engaged. well done

2nd Victoria McCandless & Koolstyle

Harmonious, and accepting bridle.

3rd Jenni Evans & Mikey

Looking established in way of going, good balance.

4th Sarah Willson-Beare & Delicada MG

Lovely correct schooling here, good to see the stretch and lowering.

5th Sharon Avison & Eppic

Lovely outline and engaged, Nice relationship

6th Ruth Norbury & Diplomatic

Pleasing outline, showing stretch over back.

7th Pauline Roskilly & Ruby

Pleasing stride

8th Hannah Powis & Narmi

Scopey horse

Class 7 - Jumping Stars

1st Anne Cooper & Finn

2nd Joanna Wright & Blackie

3rd Sharon Avison & Eppic

4th Hannah Powis & Narmi

5th Aurelia Hall& Fi

6th Carolyn Wildgoose & Prince

7th Kim Robinson & Mr Tom

8th Hannah Bunting & Khalisa

Class 8 Showing Stars

1st – Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B – nice photos showing off a super hunter type to best advantage – congratulations

2nd – Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist – fantastic selection of photos showing a very successful show pony

3rd – Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut – I particularly like the driven photos

4th – Penny O’Connor & Jack – a gorgeous heavy horse in full regalia

5th – Kimberley Chapman & Landsend Marius – great selection of showing action shots

6th – Sara McComb & Patch – a super leg in each corner traditional cob

7th – Diane Tutty & Talon Tristan – lovely photos showing a Welsh pony off to best advantage

8th – Zoe Nicholls & Logan –really nice markings and turnout

Class 9 - Mountain & Moorland

1st Michelle Rouse & Maverick

Beautiful pony

2nd Laurie Lamontagne & Oatie

3rd Anne Cooper & Finn

4th Joanne Marsden & Thorneyside Chester

5th Rosalie Purcell & Tempo Golden Twilight

6th Diane Tutty & Talin Tristan

7th Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B

8th Amy Taylor & Penniment Flying Duke.


Ioan Barrett & Blaze (Rhoswen Dior)

Class 10 Sports Horse /Pony- Sponsored and judged by Airframes Assemblies LTD.

1st Hannah Powis & Narmi

Nice to see every discipline entered

Well Done

2nd Hannah Bunting & Khalisa

Showing a lot of variety

3rd Amy Louis Harris & Burneside Autum Mist

Super athletic pony

4th Victoria McCandless & Koolstyle

Versatile looking horse

5th Delaney Kenny & Aislynn,

Again a very versatile type

6th Amber Taylor & Colonel Whispers

Truly athletic well done

7th Ruth Norbury & Fergus

Lovely athletic type

8th Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B

Super useful versatile type

Class 11 - Arena One Championship Entries

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  • Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist
  • Pauline Roskilly & Ruby
  • Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B
  • Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist
  • Hannah Powis & Narmi
  • Hannah Bunting & Khalisa
  • Amber Taylor & Colonel Whispers
  • Michelle Rouse & Maverick
  • Laurie LaMontagne & Oatie
  • Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist
  • Jenni Evans & Mikey
  • Anne Cooper & Finn
  • Joanna Wright & Blackie
  • Caroline Lamb & Sparks(30yrs)
  • Shanice Hutton & Farah(35yrs).
  • Gill Gould & Wild Heart(3mnths)
  • Amy Taylor & Tireve Tywysoges Diva(8mnths)
  • Priya Mason & Diva
  • Victoria McCandless & Kolstyle

Class 11 - Arena One Championship Results

Champion -   Hannah Powis & Narmi

Reserve Champion - Anne Cooper & Finn

Arena two - Colours, Condition & Conformation - Photo Classes - Rosettes 1st - 8th Place + Specials (where awarded) - Prize to 1st place - £3.50 per class

Class 12 Condition & Turnout Sponsored by Equine Answers

1st – Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist – great condition and photos showing the pony off to it best advantage – congratulations

2nd  – Penny O’Connor & Jack – fantastic photos showing a heavy horse at his peak

3rd – Andrea Vizard & Merlin – the photos show perfect condition for a heavier type of hogged cob

4th – Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B – a lovely hunter type in great condition

5th – Bryony Allen & Dolly – beautiful condition with a very shiny coat

6th – Dakota Knapp & Remy -  lovely markings

7th – Carolyn Wildgoose and Darkskies Midnight Silhouette – lovely movement and shiny coat

8th – Zoe Nicholls & Logan (3 photo collage) – very correct turnout and the ridden photo shows good condition

Class 13 - Prettiest Mare

1st Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia

2nd Caroline Ball & Savannah

3rd Fern Laurie & Mistletoe

4th Carolyn Wildgoose & Darkskies Midnight Silhouette

5th Sara McComb & Maggie May

6th Wendy Fenton & Amarillo Boom

7th Rose Dennett & Fidget

8th Teri McNeil & Molly

Class 14 - Handsomest Gelding (& Stallion)

1st Andrea Vizard & Merlin very handsome boy

2nd Sam Davies & Blaenpant Tiny

3rd Emilie Murphy & Spring Lock

4th Laurie La Montagne & Peanut

5th Ellie Hancock & Olorin

6th Jesse Medler & Wellington Hall.

7th Kelly Hurworth & Codie

8th Saphena Bell & Beau

Class 15 - Best At Home Photo - Sponsored and judged by Paper Cuts By Hannah

Lovely photos from everyone! It's really nice seeing people having such fun at home with their horses! Well done to all!

1. Fern Laurie & Fynn, Tutu and Rua - gorgeous photo! Well done!

2. Sharon Avison & Eppic - lovely collage showing a special bond!

3. Aurelia Hall & Zulu with Sylvia & Missy - lovely joyful photos showing you enjoying your horses!

4. Elizabeth Buxton & Millie - lovely collage of a beautiful horse

5. Hannah Powis & Dolly - a lovely photo, very wintery

6. Zoe Nicholls & Smartie - a very candid photo, lovely

7. Dakota Knapp & Remy - a fab collage showing you and Remy enjoying life

8. Michelle Rouse & Cammy - another lovely wintery photo


Carolyn Wildgoose & Darkskies Midnight Silhouette

Wendy Fenton & Amarillo Boom

Class 16 - And Halt, Immobility, Salute

1st Sharon Avison & Eppic .very square.

2nd Sam Davis & Blaenpant Tiny

3rd Priya Mason & Diva

4th Rosalie Purcell & Tempo Golden Twilight

5th Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist

6th Hannah Hughes & Thunderpants

7th Michelle Rouse & Maverick

8th Julie Williams & Woody.

Class 17 – Trottastic

1st Fern Laurie & Fynn

2nd Sharon Avison & Eppic

3rd Zoe Nicholls & Logan

4th Gill Gould & Regatta

5th Sam Davies & BLAENPANT TINY

6th Carolyn Wildgoose & Darkskies Midnight Silhouette

7th Jenni Evans & Mikey

8th Mandy Knapp & Whisper

Class 18 - Canter On

1st Jenni Evans & Mikey

Wow really shows off the canter pace. Well done

2nd Andrea Vizard & Merlin

3rd Sharon Avison & Eppic

4th Hannah Powis Narmi

5th Zoe Nicholls & Smartie

6th Dakota Knapp & Remy

7th Wendy Fenton & Amarillo Boom

8th Donna Shimwell & Jack & Ronnie

Class 19 Best Photo Edit (Christmas Themed)- Sponsored & judged by Star equine & animal edits

1st Mandy Knapp & Whisper

2nd Delaney Kenney & Raina (1)

3rd Paige Perrett & Spyro

4th Delaney Kenney & Raina (2)

5th Billy Jo Howe Willow

6th Sara McComb & Maggie May

7th Sharon Avison & Eppic

8th Gayle Morison & Annabel

Class 20 - Life In Monochrome

1st Zoe Nicholls & Smartie

Very appealing and well composed image. Well done

2nd Julie Williams & Woody

3rd Elizabeth Buxton & Millie

4th Ruby Dennett & Monaco

5th Rosalie Purcell & Tempo Golden Twilight

6th Donna Shimwell & Keith & Arthur

7th Shanice Hutton & Farah

8th Rachael Hurd & Tiffany

Class 21 Solid Colour

Super entries, well done to everyone

1st Rhiannon Coyle & Brock

2nd Bryony Allen & Dolly

3rd Daisy Irons & Ballyhaden

4th Jolene Bounday & Dare To Dream

5th Vanessa Straight & PJ

6th Sara McComb & Maggie May

7th Penny O'Connor & Jack

8th Delaney Kenney & Devon(1)


Julie Brown & Jester

Class 22 - Arena Two Championship - Entries

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  • Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist
  • Penny O'Connor & Jack
  • Zoe Nicholls & Smartie
  • Julie Williams & Woody
  • Rhiannon Coyle & Brock
  • Bryony Allen & Dolly
  • Fern Laurie & Fynn
  • Sharon Avison & Eppic
  • Jenni Evans & Mikey
  • Andrea Vizard & Merlin
  • Mandy Knapp & Whisper
  • Delaney Kenney & Raina(1)
  • Sharon Avison & Eppic
  • Sam Davies & BLAENPANT TINY
  • Andrea Vizard & Merlin
  • Sam Davies & BLAENPANT TINY
  • Monica Kinnunen & Rhodonia
  • Caroline Ball & Savannah
  • Fern Laurie & Fynn with Tutu & Rua
  • Sharon Avison & Eppic

Class 20 - Arena Two Championship Results

Champion -  Amy Louise Harris & Burseside Autumn Mist

Reserve Champion -   Jenni Evans & Mikey

Arena Three - Fun Classes - Photo Classes - Rosettes 1st - 8th Place + Specials (where awarded) - Prize to 1st place - £3.50 per class

Class 23 - Best Newcomer

1st Saphena Bell & Beau

2nd Jasmine Williams & Tulip

3rd Bryony Allen & Dolly

4th Charlie Harris & Little Red

5th Wendy Fenton & Amarillo Boom

6th Pamela Ligget & Cwmcerrig Diamond King

7th Ellie Hancock & EHPPS Jessica

8th Jolene Bounday & Dare To Dream

Class 24 - Best Calendar Shot: December

Stunning photos in this class making judging quite a challenge. All entries have super content. Well done.

1st Linda Joseph & Foxy

2nd Charlie Harris & ILPH Becks

3rd Laurie LaMontagne & Oatie

4th Julie Williams & Woody

5th Gayle Morison & Annabel

6th Donna Shimwell & Keith

7th Megan Dean & Bob

8th Amy Black & Arielle

Class 25 – Make Me Smile Sponsored and judged by Great Dunton Farm track livery

1st Carolyn Wildgoose & Rosie

2nd Elizabeth Teal & Thor

3rd Claire Sallis & Teddy(2yrs)

4th Wendy Fenton & Amarillo Boom

5th Jasmine Williams & Tulip

6th Julie Williams & Woody

7th Rachael Hurd & Kimi Tiff & Friends

8th Hannah Gillard & Jasper

Class 26 – Happy Hacking - Sponsored and judged by TotallyTurmeric

1st Linda Joseph & Foxy

2nd Megan Whitworth & Beauty

3rd Kirsty Cyprus & Charlie

4th Aidan Kenney & Spirit

5th Megan Slinger & Sally

6th Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist

7th Megan Dean & Bob

8th Hannah Gillard & Finlay

Class 27 In Memory Of..

This is never an easy class to be asked to judge, all the entries are very special horses which have been loved dearly by their owners. So difficult to judge, beautiful horses each and every one.

1st Delaney Kenney & Patricka

2nd Carolyn Wildgoose & Prince

3rd Robyn Broughton & Gemma B

4th Sara McComb & Milo

5th Fern Laurie & Harry

6th Pamela Ligget & Solomon

7th Kelly Hurworth & Toro

8th Be a Blonde Invite (AQH2010-2017)  

Class 28 Festive Fun Equines

Thank you everyone for submitting photos to show what you were getting up to over the Christmas period. I am sorry I couldn’t place you all but thank you for sharing your joy.

1st – Letia & Cindy – this took me back to my youth making a harness out of rope and towels to pull a sledge, love it – congratulations

2nd – Rachael Hurd & Kimi & Tiff

3rd – Kris Bryant & Glory (collage)

4th – Aubrey-Olympia Sheperdson & Dinah Girl (solo photo)

5th – Jack & Sparks (Caroline Lamb)

6th – Hannah Hughes & Thunderpants & Hamish

7th – Pauline Roskilly & Ruby

8th – Paige Perret & Spyro

Class 29 – Our Year - Sponsored by Jumpstack and More.

1st Rachael Hurd & Kimi & Tiffiny..

Love this, so 2020 !!

2nd Rachel Walsh & Donn

3rd Sharon Avison & Eppic

4th Pauline Roskilly & Ruby

5th Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist

6th Mandy Knapp & Whisper

7th Kirsty Cyprus & Charlie

8th Helen Dixon & Rio

Class 30 Just For Kids Sponsored and Judged by Airframe Assemblies Ltd

1st Rhiannon Cole and Phantom.

Cheeky, lovely photo well done

2nd Jacks and Sparks

Lovely well done

3rd Ioan Barrett and Blaze Lovely well done

4th Aiden Kenny and Spirit lovely well done

5th Paige Perrott Spyro

Lovely well done

6th Isabel and Blaze lovely well done

7th Tash and Tide lovely well done

8th Cleo Sallis and Moon

Special: Aubrey and Dinah Girl lovely well done

Very Well done everyone

Class 31 – Santa Hat Models judged by Ella Jordan Independent Christmas Window Dresser

Fantastic photos, loved them all. Well done

1st Emma & Kashmere(Kris Bryant)

2nd Penny O'Connor & Jack

3rd Sarah Shenton & Polly

4th Pauline Roskilly & Ruby

5th Kris Bryant & Glory

6th Paige Perret & Spyro

7th Sharon Avison & Eppic

8th Amy Black & Arielle


Mia Goodyer & Libby

Class 32 Pets Festive Fun Sponsored and judged BY Meeces to pieces

1st Carolyn Wildgoose & Lucy & Charlie

2nd Sara McComb & Izzy

3rd Rachael Hurd & orange

4th Hannah Gillard & Scruffs

5th kelly hurworth & Smudge

6th Sharon Avison & Boris

7th Paige Perret & Spyro

8th Tash & Molly (Sally Bolton)

Video Ring

Class 34 In Hand Showing Video

Great selection, well done to all for your standard of turnout, condition and presentation.

1st Diane Tutty & Bronycoed Indian Joe

True to type and pleasing movement

2nd Kerry Sedgwick & Empire Dancer

Well presented and good movement, nice to see an RoR

3rd Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut

Good presentation and movement, great condition.

4th loan Barret & Blaze

Lovely B and well presented by young handler. A little tip would be to turn pony away from you, great handling skills. Well done.

5th Laurie LaMontagne & Captain Couragious

Good presentation and condition.

6th Jasmine Williams & Tulip

Lovely movement and type, well done.

Class 35 – Ridden Showing Video

1st Kerry Sedgwick & Born 2 Do It

Well done, nice big moving horse

2nd Ioan Barrett & Blaze (Rhoswen Dior)

True type and good forward moving pony

3rd Jasmine Williams + Tulip

Lovely type and forward moving, canter could be developed more.

4th Kirsty Cyprus & Charlie

What a super cob, would just like to see the show a little more polished in the future. Well done.

Class 36 Our Year

1st Rebecca Noone & Blue

This really shows the hard word you have put into this horse and looks like you had some very challenging times on the journey. Lovely to see the horse grow in confidence. Well done.

2nd Rachel Walsh & Donn

Another amazing success story, and can really see the relationship you have with this horse. So pleased to see the journey from dark beginnings to great achievements. Well done.

3rd Kirsty Cyprus & Charlie

It was a pleasure watching this video and seeing the fun, enjoyment and love you share. A real success story of being out and enjoying your journey together.

4th Hannah Hughes & Thunderpants

Just loved watching this and smiled all the way through. What a character and what a great life you are giving him. So good to see rescue horses have a loving home.

5th Ioan Barrett & Blaze (Rhoswen Dior)

This is going to be an amazing journey, so glad to see the start, excited for the next chapter. Well done both of you, great memories to look back on one day.

6th Rebecca Middleton & The Ponies

A heartwarming story and so good to see how much you care for these ponies, they have brought a lot of happiness to your life.

7th Nikkii Arnold & Mally

Love seeing all you have done and the fun on the journey. You look like you have enjoyed every momement, a really great sort and great relationship.

8th Poppy Turner(12yrs) & Gin

So nice to see how much pleasure a horse brings and the fun you can share. Not the best year, but you have made the most out of it.

Well done.


Hester Saunders & Pip

A beautiful horse and loved the photos of activities you have shared. Not an easy year, but again you have made the most out of it. Well done.

Class 30 - Arena Three Championship - Entries

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  • Rhiannon Coyle (7yrs)& Phantom
  • Jacks & Sparks(Caroline Lamb)
  • Delaney Kenney & Patricka
  • Carolyn Wildgoose & Prince
  • Letia & Cindy(Suzette Tweddle)
  • Rachael Hurd & Kimi & Tiff.
  • Carolyn Wildgoose & Rosie
  • Elizabeth Teal & Thor
  • Linda Joseph & Foxy
  • Charlie Harris & ILPH Becks
  • Rachael Hurd & Kimi & Tiffany
  • Rachel Walsh & Donn
  • Linda Joseph & Foxy
  • Megan Whitworth & Beauty
  • Saphena Bell & Beau
  • Jasmine Williams & Tulip

Class 30 - Arena Three Championship Results

Champion -  Rachael Hurd & Kimi and Tiffany

Reserve Champion -  Linda Joseph & Foxy


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  • Amy Louise Harris & Bureside Autumn Mist
  • Jenni Evans & Mikey
  • Rachael Hurd & Kimi & Tiffany
  • Linda Joseph & Foxy
  • Hannah Powis & Narmi
  • Anne Cooper & Finn