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January 2021 Results

SUPREME CHAMPIONSHIP - Judged by The Mane Show. 

THE SUPREME CHAMPION of January 2021 is...

Nicky Gee & Menno Fan De Klaster

Huge congratulations Nicky on becoming our first Supreme Champion of 2021. He has so much presence, superbly presented and a credit to you. Well done.

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  • Nicky Gee & Menno fan de klaster
  • Nicky Gee & Menno fan de klaster

Everyday Dressage 

Class ED01 Unmounted Test 2 (walk only)

1st Suzi Adams & Sabo Snowflake 72.50%

2nd Hannah Hughes & Hamish 66.07%

Class ED1 - Intro A 2008

1st Emily Millar & Pennywitch 67.39%

2nd MJ & Charlie 66.74% (collectives)

3rd Hannah Hughes & Hamish 66.74%

4th Roxanne Isbelle & Nellie 66.30%

5th Tash & Tide 66.09%

6th Bryony Langley 66.01%

Class ED2 - Prelim 7 2002

1st Holly Joyce & Obi 68.18%

2nd Phoebe Murray & Coco 67.73%

3rd Lauren Saltmarsh & Breezy 67.05%

Class ED3 - Novice 34 2009(revised 2016)

1st Claire Lewis & Master Wickham 69.28%(collectives)

2nd Claire Anne Platts & Balans 69.28%

3rd Stacey Barr & Danish Blues 67.62%

4th Jenni Evans & Mikey 66.90%

Class ED4 - Elementary 49 2009

1st Claire Lewis & Master Wickham 68.16%

2nd Stacey Barr & Danish Blues 67.00%

3rd Kirsty Jenkins & Zippy 66.33%

4th Jenni Evans & Mikey 64.66%

Class ED5 - Prix Caprilli Intro 2

1st MJ & Charlie 72.50%

2nd Hannah Hughes & Thunderpants  66.07%


Intro C

1st Judith Campbell & Cob Cob 67.39%

Prelim 13

1st Julie Fletcher & Sheilas Chairman 66.73%

Equestrian Showing Online

Arena One - Traditional Showing/Breeds/Types - Photo Classes - Rosettes 1st - 8th Place + Specials (where awarded) - Prize to 1st place - £3.50 per class

Class 1 – Best Ridden Horse/Pony - Sponsored by The Ripley Collection - Horse and Dog Jewellery

1st Laura Garcia & Ebony - very impressed by various disciplines

2nd Sarah Jane Beveridge & Archie

3rd Jenni Evans & Mikes

4th Charlotte Byrne & Dacia

5th Suzanne Smith & Winnie

6th Hayleigh Cutler & Jack

7th Zoe Nicholls & Smartie

8th Tilly Hodkin & Lola

Class 2 - Best In Hand Horse/Pony - Sponsored by The Ripley Collection - Horse and Dog Jewellery


1st – Charlotte Burns & Misty – I love this action shot. It has put a smile on my face for the weekend – congratulations

2nd – Emma Reader & Molly – a lovely selection of photos, especially the long reining as a different take on “in hand”.

3rd – Tammy Burge & Moorfarm Bandsman – super photos showing a very striking horse with great presence.

4th – Pauline Roskilly & Ruby – great photos showing the horse to be in excellent condition.

5th – Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut – lovely photos of a super mini.

6th – Ioan Barrett & Rhoswen Dior – nice photos showing a well-mannered in hand pony.

7th – Zoe Nicholls & Logan – very nice forward going movement.

8th – Emilie Murphy & Spring Lock – lovely photos showing a happy handler

Class 3 - Best Veteran age 15 +

It is fantastic to see so many veterans still enjoying such a variety of activities. They are a credit to you all.

1st – Hannah Hughes & Hamish (29) – it is great to see the horse still taking part in such a variety of activities and looking so well – congratulations

2nd – Samantha Norris & Maesglas Lili Wen (27) – super pony looking very enthusiastic over several disciplines

3rd – Laura Oughton-Auker & Hot Fuss (32) – super condition

4th – Abbie Addiscott & Papa Smurf (28) – it’s lovely to see the pony still taking part in various disciplines

5th – Ruth Norbury & Diplomatic (25) – stunning horse in top condition

6th – Lora Hall & Patchwork Beauty (29) – superb condition at 29

7th – Sara McComb & Milo (30) – lovely condition and looks like he is still enjoying life

8th – Emma Reader & Molly (20) – great condition and presentation

Special – Mariah Stewart & Black Diamond (31)

Special – Samantha Henshaw & Lord Nelson (23)

Class 4 - Youngstock

1st Lorraine Burger Whiteley & Jolie

2nd Milly Webb & Twigs Lane Charlie lll(1 yr)

3rd Julie Price & Ynysgerwyn Dylan

4th Ruth Norbury & Sparkland Cindy(2yrs)

5th Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B(YEARLING)

6th Tammy Burge & Moorfarm Bandsman(3YRS (COLT)

7th Susan Hills & Whiskey(19mnths)

8th Elizabeth Buxton & Millie(3 yrs)


Sam Dyke & Billy(3days old)

Class 5 – Foreign Breeds

Fabulous to see so many breeds from around the world. Well done everyone.

1st Nicky Gee & Menno fan de klaster(Friesian)

2nd Carolyn Page & Cupido(KWPN)

3rd Alison Walker & Luna (Hafflinger)

4th C Wildgoose & Midnight Silhouette Andalusian x PRE x ID

5th Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut

6th Fern Laurie & Fynn(Friesian x DWB xTrakehner)

7th Dakota Knapp & Remy

8th Holly Wells & November Rain (American Indian)

Class 6 - Best All Rounder Sponsored and judged by Nibbleze


1st Morgan Oakley & Rosie

2nd Kara Torrance & Kildromin Shearer

3rd Ruth Norbury & Fergus Sings The Blues

4th Claire Lewis & Master Wickham

5th Cara Docherty & Tyson

6th Jenni Evans & Mikey

7th Laura Oughton-Auker & Springwater Guillot

8th Emily Hewitt & Royale Teardrop UK

Class 7 - Best Cob/Cob Type - Sponsored and judged by https://www.facebook.com/ByMeganArt/

1st - Hayley Adkins & Lexi

2nd - Sarah McComb & Back2Black

3rd - Funda Lindberg & Silver Dream

4th - Sarah Jane Beveridge & Deal Me Dexter

5th - Rowena Morris & Bomber

6th - Sally Knight & Rambling Rose

7th - Hayleigh Cutler & Jack

8th - Diane Mackarsie & Kidbys Lucky Ted

Class 8 - Combined Training - Sponsored and judged by Airframe Assemblies Ltd


1st Beatriz Dugdale & My Dancer

Lovely Flatwork and a nice clean jump, well done

2nd Emily Hewitt & Teardrop UK

Flatwork nicely ridden and clean jump, well done

3rd Claire Lewis & Master Wickham

Lovely paces and nice jump, well done

4th Robyn Broughton & Gemma B

Lovely work, well done

5th Pauline Roskilly & Ruby

Nice movement and very smart, well done

6h Letia & Oreo(Suzette Tweddle)

Lovely position, very neat.

7th Hannah Bunting & Khalisa

Nicely put together lovely work, well done

8th Jenni Evans & Mikey

Lovely looking horse nice work, well done

Well done placings, well done all entrants, a difficult class to judge, very close by all.

Class 9 - Best Riding Club Type Horse/Pony -Sponsored by Totally Turmeric www.totallyturmeric.co.uk

A super selection of talented horses and ponies. I really enjoyed seeing the different activities expected of an all round riding club horse.

1st Samantha Norris & Maesglas Lili Wen

A super looking pony that really fits the character and expectation of a riding club pony. Well done.

2nd Emily Hewitt & Royale Teardrop UK

3rd Hannah Bunting & Khalisa

4th Claire Lewis & Beckham

5th Kara Torrance & Kildromin Shearer

6th Jenni Mason & Mikey

7th Ruth Norbury & Fergus Sings The Blues

8th Morgan Oakley & Rosie

Class 10 Best At Home Photo - Sponsored and judged by Great Dunton Farm track livery


1st Fern Laurie & Fynn

2nd Rhiannon Coyle & Bear.

3rd Poppy Turner & Gin

4th Sophie Louise Hooper & Marinero & Prospero

5th Sarah Jane Beveridge & Archie, Dexter & Arthur

6th Carolyn Wildgoose & Darkskies Midnight Silhouette.

7th Sharon Avison & Eppic

8th Kez Dainty & Sunday

Class 11 - Arena One Championship Entries 

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  • Laura Garcia & Ebony
  • Sarah Jane Beveridge & Archie
  • Sara McComb & Back2Black
  • Samantha Norris & Maesglas Lili Wen
  • Samantha Norris & Maesglas Lili Wen(27yrs)
  • Lorraine Burger Whiteley & Jolie
  • Carolyn Page & Cupido(KWPN)
  • Nicky Gee & Menno fan de klaster
  • Hannah Hughes & Hamish(29yrs)
  • Hayley Adkins & Lexi
  • Emma Reader & Molly
  • Fern Laurie & Fynn
  • Rhiannon Coyle & Bear.
  • Beatriz Dugdale & My Dancer
  • Morgan Oakley & Rosie
  • Milly Webb & Twigs Lane Charlie lll(1 yr)
  • Kara Torrance & Kildromin Shearer
  • Charlotte Burns & Misty
  • Emily Hewitt & Royale Teardrop UK
  • Emily Hewitt & Royale Teardrop UK

Class 11 - Arena One Championship Results

Champion -   Nicky Gee & Menno fan de Klaster

Reserve Champion -   Hayley Adkins & Lexi

Arena two - Colours, Condition & Conformation - Photo Classes - Rosettes 1st - 8th Place + Specials (where awarded) - Prize to 1st place - £3.50 per photo class

Class 12 - Condition and Turn out - Sponsored by Equine Answers

Premium Supplements www.equineanswers.co.uk

Judges Comment: Could I just offer a word of advice? Sometimes, less is more. One good photo can sometimes better demonstrate the class criteria than several that may dilute the effect.

1st – Pauline Roskilly and Ruby – great photos showing a horse in perfect condition and what a shine on her coat – congratulations

2nd – Tammy Burge and Moorfarm Bandsman – gorgeous young horse in lovely condition

3rd – Robyn Broughton & Claybank Willow B – a super hunter type shown off to best effect

4th – Emma Reader & Mollie – lovely selection of photos showing good condition

5th – Faye Wressell & My Little Tinker – what’s not to love about a traditional turned out like this

6th – Mandy Knapp & Whisper – lovely photos showing great condition

7th – Mollie Knowles & Buckland Blue Print – perfect condition for a native type

8th – Emily Hewitt & Royale Teardrop UK – lovely photos of an elegant pony

Class 13 - Charming Chestnuts, Palominos & Duns

1st Funda Lindberg & Silver Dream absolutely stunning

2nd Samantha Norris & Maesglas Lili Wen Age 27yrs

3rd Jenni Evans & Mikey

4th Suzanne Smith & Winnie

5th Mariah Stewart & Mountain Poetic Justice

6th Stephanie Brandon & Archie

7th Tammy Burge & Gristhills VIP Charlie

8th Morgan Oakley & Rosie.


Madison Clement & Baxter

Class 14 – Beautiful Bays & Blacks

1st – Nicky Gee & Menno fan de Klaster – just one word – wow!! Congratulations

2nd – Pauline Roskilly & Ruby – what a gorgeous shiny coat and beautiful bay dapples

3rd – Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut – super shot of a mini

4th – Nicola Cole & Vinny

5th – Annabelle Cottom & Princess

6th – Victoria McCandless & Koolstyle

7th – Carolyn Wildgoose and Darkskies Midnight Silhouette

8th – Sara McComb & Maggie

Class 15 - Classy Coloureds (skewbald, piebald, roan, appaloosa,etc)

1st Tammy Burge & Moorfarm Bandsman

Stunning horse and striking colouring

2nd Zoe Nicholls & Logan

3rd Hayley Adkins & Lexi

4th KJ Wells& GS Freckles

5th Lora Hall & Patchwork Beauty

6th Fern Laurie & Fynn

7th Cara Docherty & Tyson

8th Mandy Knapp & Whisper

Class 16 - Gorgeous Greys

1st Kara Torrance & Kildromin Shearer

2nd Priya Mason & Ricky

3rd Delaney Kenney & Patricka

4th Emma Fletcher & Brilly

5th Poppy Turner & Gin

6th Rhiannon Coyle & Phantom

7th Sophie Hooper & Maryss Prospero

8th Lorraine Burger Whitely & Amara


Kathy Payne & Looking Glass Dancing on Ice

Class 17 - Best Head Shot

Oh my goodness what a hard job that was, huge entries and amazing horses. Well done everyone.

1st Funda Lindberg & Silver Dream

Wow amazing!

2nd Carolyn Wildgoose & Darkskies Midnight Silhouette

3rd Zoe Nicholls & Logan

4th Lorraine Burger Whitely & Kadence & Missy

5th Ruby Dennett & Monaco

6th Kara Torrance & Kildromin Shearer

7th Mollie Knowles & Buckland Blue Print

8th Sharon Avison & Eppic


Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut

Dakota Knapp & Remy

Class 18 - Delicious Derrieres!

What a lot of Delicious Derrieres! Great fun everyone, well done

1st Laura Garcia & Ebony

Now that is a round bottom

2nd Dakota Knapp & Remy

another very round bottom

3rd Rachel Hilliker & TinkerBell

Nicely presented bottoms

4th Zoe Nicholls & Smartie

A nice round colourful bottom

5th Ruth Norbury & Sparkland Cindy

Now that is one big bottom

6th Mandy Knapp & Whisper

A nice woolly bottom

7th Joanna Wright & Blackie & Honey B

A well muscled bottom

8th Tammy Burge & Horses

Lots of bottoms!

Class 19 – Prettiest Mare

1st Poppy Turner & Gin. Such a sweet face

2nd Funda Lindberg & Silver dream

3rd Rose Dennett & Fidget

4th Alison Walker & Luna

5th Emily Hewitt & Royale Teardrop UK

6th Rachel Hilliker & Tinkerbel

7th Carolyn Wildgoose & Darkskies Midnight Silhouette

8th Susan Hills & Whiskey

Class 20 - Handsomest Gelding

1st Julie Price & Ynysgerwyn Dylan

2nd Carolyn Page & Cupido

3rd Zoe Nicholls & Logan

4th Sharon Avison & Eppic

5th Kerry Watts & Moley

6th Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut

7th Laura Whittaker & Crackle.

8th Stephanie Brandon & Cristiano Z

Class 21 - Perfect Peepers (Eyes!)

1st Carolyn Wildgoose & Darkskies Midnight Silhouette

2nd Rhiannon Coyle & Phantom

3rd Ruth Norbury & Sparkland Cindy

4th Dawn Harrison & Coacoa

5th Kelsey Normandin & Lucy

6th Madison Clement & Maisie & Baxter.

7th Dakota Knapp & Remy

8th Saphena Bell & Beau


Paige Perrett & Spyro

Class 22 - Arena Two Championship Entries 

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  • Samantha Norris & Maesglas Lili Wen Age 27yrs
  • Poppy Turner & Gin.
  • Pauline Roskilly & Ruby
  • Zoe Nicholls & Logan
  • Carolyn Page & Cupido
  • Tammy Burge & Moorfarm Bandsman
  • Carolyn Wildgoose & Darkskies Midnight Silhouette
  • Priya Mason & Ricky
  • Tammy Burge & Moorfarm Bandsman
  • Carolyn Wildgoose & Darkskies Midnight Silhouette
  • Nicky Gee & Menno fan de klaster
  • Rhiannon Coyle & Phantom
  • Funda Lindberg & Silver Dream
  • Funda Lindberg & Silver Dream
  • Funda Lindberg & Silver Dream.
  • Laura Garcia & Ebony
  • Julie Price & Ynysgerwyn Dylan
  • Pauline Roskilly & Ruby.
  • Kara Torrance & Kildromin Shearer
  • Dakota Knapp & Remy

Class 22 - Arena Two Championship Results -  

Champion -  Tammy Burge & Moorfarm Bandsman

Reserve Champion -   Funda Lindberg & Silver Dream

Arena Three - Fun Classes - Photo Classes - Rosettes 1st - 8th Place + Specials (where awarded) - Prize to 1st place - £3.50 per  photo class 

Class 23 - Best Newcomer

1st Rachel Judd & Jimmy

2nd Morgan Oakley & Rosie

3rd Michelle Brindle & Floyd

4th Emilie Murphy & Lucy Lockette

5th Julie Price & Ynysgerwyn Dylan

6th Milly Webb & Twigs Lane Charlie lll

7th Charlotte Burns & Dacia

8th Stephanie Brandon & Cristiano Z

Class 24 - Best Calendar Shot January

1st Kez Dainty & Zig Zag

2nd Linda Joseph Foxy & Jimmy

3rd Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut.

4th Elizabeth Buxton & Millie

5th Victoria Mccandless & Koolstyle

6th Mandy Knapp & Whisper

7th Marie Baklanow & Lucy Berry Zinny & Bella

8th Sara Willimott & Pearl

Class 25 - Make Me Smile - Sponsored and judged by Star equine & animal edits

1st Tammy Burge and Gristhills Vip Charlie hahaha love it this just cracked me up

2nd Lorraine Burger Whitely and foal

3rd Paige Perrett & Spyro

4th Linda Joseph & Foxy and Shine

5th Janina Haddon and Mr Vic

6th Carolyn Wildgoose & Rosie

7th Pauline Roskilly & Ruby

8th Charlotte Taylor & Arnie,

Hard one to judge all made me smile wish I could've placed them all

Class 26 – Winter Fun (or not!)

1st Rachel Turner & Elgar

Someone is having a lot of fun here!

2nd Mandy Knapp & Whisper

3rd Hannah Hughes & Hamish

4th Kez Dainty & Zig Zag

5th Laurie LaMontagne & Bittersweet

6th Fern Laurie & Fynn & Jupiter

7th Holly Wells & GS FFreckles Cowboy & Rodeo Belle

8th Tash & Tide(Sally Bolton)

Class 27 – In Memory of..

A difficult class to judge as all these horses and ponies are very special to each and everyone of you and will be greatly missed. Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories.

1st Mandy Knapp & Shaka

2nd Beth Linzell & Larry

3rd Sara McComb & Milo

4th Lorraine Burger Whitely & Rockit

5th Carolyn Wildgoose & Prince

6th Stephanie Brandon & Bailey

7th Kelly Hurworth & Toro

8th Holly Wells & Rile You Up

Class 28 - Best Photo of 2020 - Sponsored and judged by Paper Cuts by Hannah

1st Paige Perrett and Spyro (please contact Hannah to discuss prize)

2nd Sharon Avison and Eppic

3rd Annabelle Cotton and Princess

4th Lucia Slatcher and Frankie -

5th Sophie Hooper with Prospero and Marinero

6th Helen Dixon and Rio

7th Pauline Roskilly and Ruby

8th Zoe Nicholls and Logan


Tash and Tide

Rachel Walsh and Donn

Class 29 Happy Hacking

1st Linda Joseph & Foxy

2nd Rachel Judd & Jimmy

3rd Sharon Avison & Ed

4th Jasmine Williams & Tulip

5th Zoe Nicholls & Smartie

6th Kara Torrance & Kildromin Shearer

7th KJ Wells & Peaches

8th Rachel Walsh & Donn

Class 30 - Just For Kids Sponsored by Jumpstack and More www.jumpstackandmore.co.uk

Well done everyone, so lovely to see you all enjoying your ponies.

1st Ioan Barrett & Rhoswen Dior

2nd Ellie & Archie(Stephanie Brandon)

3rd Paige Perrett(11yrs) & Spyro

4th Aidan Kenney(10yrs) & Spirit

5th Aubree-Olympia & Dinah Girl

6th Isobel(5yrs) & Blaze(4yrs)

7th JJ Wells & Maggie Sheik

8th Archer Burns(2yrs) & Dapper


Lexi(3yrs) & Rio 3mnths (Helen Dixon)

Rebecca Moore & Millersford Mr Max

Class 31 - Perfect Poses

1st Alison Walker & Luna

2nd DelaneyKenney & Aislynn

3rd Zoe Nichols & Smartie

4th Hannah Hughes & Thunder & Hamish

5th Anna & Letia Everaad & Nessy

6th Savannah & Phantom (Rhiannon Coyle)

7th Mandy Knapp & Whisper

8th Sharon Alison & Eppic

Class 32 Pet Of The Month

What a class to judge, all beautiful pets. Well done to all of you. Love the ducks especially Plum!

1st Claire Sallis & Benji & Misty

2nd Mandy Knapp & Aleu

3rd Sharon Avison & Boris

4th Carolyn Wildgoose & Lucy Charlie Tas

5th Claire Sallis & Arthur

6th Lucia Slatcher & Cara

7th Shelley Oney & Tear

8th Holly Wells & Manny


Savannah & Andy(Rhiannon Coyle)

Kelly Hurworth & Smudge

Class 34 - Inhand Showing Video

Lovely class to judge and super horses. Just to add a few tips is to remember to turn your horse away from you when turning, and make sure the camera covers the full body when filming conformation.

1st Funda Lindberg & Silver Dream

Lovely horse, super condition with a nice free trot action


2nd Laurie LaMontagne & Peanut

Nicely presented, great condition and free movement

3rd Ioan Barrett & Rhoswen Dior

Super type and well presented by young handler.

4th Dawn Harrison & Scarlett Spring

Really nice type, work on your technique

5th Laurie LaMontagne & Captain Couragious

Great sort and lovely condition

6th Lily & Mr Vic

Nice pony, now work on that technique to show him off at his very best.

Class 35 - Ridden Showing Video

1st Ioan Barrett & Rhoswen Dior


Nicely ridden and super first ridden type. Good to show us conformation

2nd Ruby Dennett & Oliver

A very nice willing pony and super type, please include the conformation walk round with the camera.

3rd Tamsin Gamble & Mickey

Super willing pony with nice active paces, could now develop more balanced, if possible try to show a walk round for conformation.

Class 30 - Arena Three Championship Entries - 

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  • Paige Perrett & Spyro
  • Ioan Barrett & Rhoswen Dior
  • Beth Linzell & Larry
  • Linda Joseph & Foxy & Jimmy.
  • Linda Joseph & Foxy
  • Lorraine Burger Whitely & Clarke
  • Alison Walker & Luna
  • Tammy Burge & Gristhills vip charlie
  • Delaney Kenney & Aislynn
  • Kez Dainty & Zig Zag
  • Ellie & Archie(Stephanie Brandon)
  • Claire Sallis & Benji & Misty
  • Mandy Knapp & Whisper
  • Mandy Knapp & Shaka
  • Rachel Turner & Elgar
  • Sharon Avison & Eppic
  • Morgan Oakley & Rosie
  • Mandy Knapp & Aleu
  • Rachel Judd & Jimmy
  • Rachel Judd & Jimmy

Class 30 - Arena Three Championship Results

Champion -   Alison Walker & Luna

Reserve Champion -   loan Barret & Rhoswen Dior

Class 38 - SUPREME CHAMPIONSHIP Entries -  

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  • Nicky Gee & Menno fan de klaster
  • Hayley Adkins & Lexi
  • Tammy Burge & Moorfarm Bandsman
  • Funda Lindberg & Silver Dream
  • Alison Walker & Luna
  • Ioan Barrett & Rhoswen Dior