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May 2020 Everyday Dressage Schedule - Entries close at 10pm on the 3rd June  2020  

Everyday Dressage - Rosettes 1st - 6th Place - Prize to 1st place - £11 per class

Everyday Dressage is The Mane Show's relaxed rules online dressage series aiming to make dressage accessible to all, entrants can ride in their everyday tack (and everyday clothes) whatever that may be; bitless, snaffle, pelham, wilkie, martingales, etc – whatever works for you and your horse. Please see the About Everyday Dressage page for rules, guidelines, and example videos.  


New Training Tests

Hello I have written two new tests to start you all off.  

Training Test 1 is walk and trot only so suitable for novice horses or riders and I will be looking for accurate movements and clear transitions between the paces.  

Training Test 2 includes canter, for this test I will also looking for the horse to be able to maintain a good rhythm and stay in balance in all paces.  Don't worry if you are not sure if you are ready for this, the emphasis is on improving your own score each month and your feedback sheets will give you plenty of help with this.Have a go and let me know what you think, cant wait to see how you all get on.

For a copy of the new Training Tests please email enter@themaneshow.co.uk

Training Test 1

Training Test 2

As well as your usual rosettes and prize, Emma will be offering an additional prize to each class winner of a video analysis via the On Form App, which she will be telling you a lot more about. 

Entries to be made in exactly the same way as previously done.