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MAY 2022 Everyday Dressage Schedule - Entries close at 10pm on the 4th June 2022

Everyday Dressage - Rosettes 1st - 6th Place - Prize to 1st place - £11 per class

Everyday Dressage is The Mane Show's relaxed rules online dressage series aiming to make dressage accessible to all, entrants can ride in their everyday tack (and everyday clothes) whatever that may be; bitless, snaffle, pelham, wilkie, martingales, etc – whatever works for you and your horse. Please see the About Everyday Dressage page for rules, guidelines, and example videos.  

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Welcome to the May  Everyday Dressage Schedule. 

ED 01 Unmounted Test 5 2022(unridden)  Sponsored by Papercuts By Hannah https://folksy.com/shops/PapercutsByHannah

First place prize is TBC

ED 1 British Dressage Intro B 2009 Sponsored by @Attempting To Dressage (Instagram)

Aimed at e.g. dressage beginners (horses or rider), lead rein riders, riders/horses not yet able to canter in a safe manner on a 20m circle under test conditions, young unbalanced horses etc

First place prize is TBC

ED 2 British Dressage Preliminary 1 2001 Sponsored by Conchie Saddleryhttps://www.conchiesaddlery.co.uk

Aimed at e.g. riders/horse able to safely canter on a 20m circle, those progressing from Intro level, riders/horses who are not yet ready to ask for variations of stride under test conditions etc.

First place prize is  a  a pair of fleece stirrup covers

ED 3 British Dressage Novice 28 2008 Sponsored by Spencer Memorial

Aimed at e.g. those progressing from prelim level, competent riders/horses who are able to safely display a more demanding sequence of basic schooling moves & transitions etc

First place prize is TBC

ED 4 British Dressage Elementary 44 2002  Sponsored By Global Showing The Online Horse Show www.globalshowing.co.uk

Aimed at e.g. those progressing from Novice level, competent riders/horses who are able to safely display a more demanding sequence of moves & transitions (both progressive and direct) including a variation of length of stride etc

First place prize is TBC

ED 5 Prix Caprilli Intro 2022 (dressage with jumps) Sponsored by The Mane Show - www.themaneshow.co.uk

Aimed at e.g. those wanting to try something a little different! 

First place prize is TBC 

All British Dressage Test Sheets can be purchased from British Dressage or downloaded from the Dressage Diagrams website. Walk Tests and Prix Caprilli Prelim can be requested by email or found in "Files" on the Everyday Warm Up Arena Facebook page. info@themaneshow.co.uk