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Everyday Dressage is different each month to allow us to run a variety of tests throughout the year. Classes cost £11.

Rosettes are awarded for 1st - 6th place in each class and the winner also receives a prize. We run an annual points based accumulator competition, giving you the opportunity to win more rosettes and prizes! Every time you are placed in a class, you are awarded points on the accumulator score board. Full details can be found here.

Please take the time to read this page as it is essential that all instructions are followed.  

We have some brilliant posts on our blog that will also help you get started including our Everyday Dressage press release and our Dressage (Divas!) Dissected blog series by Natasha Olivant. 

You will also find some example Everyday Dressage test videos at the bottom of this page - we will be adding to this regularly. 


  • You can ride in your everyday tack & clothes, there are no bit restrictions and you are also welcome to ride bitless. We just ask that no schooling aids other than martingales are used. Whips and spurs  are allowed.
  • You don't need to ride in a school, but your riding area should be marked out with the appropriate letters or something to represent letters to allow for accurate judging.
  • You are allowed a caller but no other outside assistance
  • Tests will be judged in the traditional manner using score & feedback sheets which all entries will receive in the post when judging is finished.
  • you can NOT enter a video that you have previously entered or has been previously marked.
  • please be honest about your/your horses ability when choosing your class, we have given some examples of who each class is aimed at - feel free to ask if you would like clarification as to which class to enter
  • You are welcome to enter both the Intro and Prelim or Prelim  and Novice on the same horse in the same month but not Intro & Novice.

Video Guidelines

Video your test following these simple rules:

  • The videographer must stand behind the letter C at all times
  • Your horse should remain in the centre of the video at all times
  • Only use the zoom facility if needed to ensure that the judge can see the detail of all movements - you should aim for the horse to be filling no more than half of the height of the picture where possible.  Anymore and we cant see where you are in the arena.
  • You must video in the best possibly quality that your device allows
  • Sound must be recorded 
  • The video must remain recording continuously from just before the horse enters at A until after the final halt

How to Enter

1a) Upload your video to YouTube & send your video link/YouTube URL by private message to www.facebook.com/themaneshow or to enter@themaneshow.co.uk.  You can NOT send the actual video by email or private message as it will be too long.


1b) Copy your video to a disk/memory stick and post it to us - please private message/email for the address.  Make sure that you leave plenty of time for it to reach us.

2) Include the following information.

  • the class number
  • your name
  • your address
  • horses name
  • PayPal email address (we will send you an invoice or you can ask for our bank details if you would prefer to pay by bank transfer)

3) Ensure your video privacy settings are set to public.

4) Please ensure that you have read all of the details  about how your video must be taken to ensure the best possibly quality for the judges. Refunds can not be given if the judge is unable to mark your test/parts of your test due to incorrect videoing/poor quality. You can NOT enter a video that you have previously entered to our Everyday Dressage classes.

Check out this great Vlog by one of our regular competitors explaining the rules and how to enter.

Example Everyday Dressage Test Videos