Nancy & Sasha - Part 2


 By this time the weather in the Northern United States where we live was changing, and several cold, rainy days had robbed us of practice rides.  Then, just when things had dried out, the first snow storm of the year dropped six inches of fresh powder.  It seemed we would never get one last test ride for the year done.  But when air temps rose into the mid-forties the following week, Sasha and I rode a  hasty test through the patches of snow, ice, and mud before the ground had a chance to refreeze.  Not exactly the way to record a video class I know, but it was us verses the weather elements that day.  And, despite the conditions, I dare say we were successful with an improved score of 58.7%.  It was our final ride for 2018, and thanks to The Mane Show and other on-line events we had learned so much in the process.


The year of 2018  was one of recovering from the surgery, and re-discovering the joy of riding after dealing with so much pain the last several years. I am so thankful  The Mane show has been a part of our journey.  It has showed Sasha and I both how far we have come as a horse/rider team, AND how much we still need to learn.  I am thankful for the shows, and the fact they welcome people like me from another country, with a semi-green horse, and brand new artificial joint in my body to participate.  I LOVE the concept of being able to show from home without the pressure of being at a live show where all the walking, standing, and waiting around would just drain my stamina.  This has been the perfect thing to allow me to show my horse while my body was still in the healing process. I highly recommend on-line shows to anyone who is recovering from any form of health issue that has side-lined them from other traditional, live horse events.  It has been a lot of fun!


For 2019  I have a lot of riding goals, and you can be sure entering more on-line classes is at the top of the list.  And maybe, just maybe, if Sasha and I can learn to canter more consistently we might even try the next pre-lim level, but we’ll have to see about that.  First the white stuff outside the barn door has to all melt away, and my surgical leg has to get a whole lot stronger.  And so, the journey goes on for us.  Here’s to another chapter in the journey.


(Photo below, Sasha dressed up in her new saddle and ready for the new year.)

sasha three.jpg