Kate Gallamore (aged 6) & Littletown Lola's Story

Hello I'm Kate and this is my pony Lola. Well she is my sisters too but really she is mine because Lucy is only 3yrs old and won't keep her feet in the stirrups.

We got Lola after mums horse Megan died. It was really really sad. I used to ride on Megan sometimes and she used to give me dribble kisses and I used to sit on while mummy mucked out. Everyone was sad and we got offered lots of ponies to cheer us up but mummy picked Lola. Mummy says she picked Lola because she had a leg in each corner and was greedy. Children's ponies should be greedy because then they don't run off. Well they might do but only to the feed bucket.

We had to wash Lola a lot. Her tail was orange and mummy went a bit crazy trying to get it white. Mummy's hairdresser even tried. Mummy said she realised why Lola was so cheap.
We went to a show and had fun but then mummy had an accident when we where on holiday. She had to fly home in a special aeroplane on her own and I got a job as an air hostess when we went home with daddy. Lola helped mummy get strong walking again and then I got to ride again. 
I got good and went to shows. I won Tack and Turnout everytime and the novelty classes too. It took ages to win an equitation class because the others were really old and I was only 5yrs old. But they didn't need a lead rein and I did. But now I'm 6yrs old I can win too even when my toes point down because I don't hold the saddle anymore and I can steer. Mummy talks all the time about heels down and thumbs to the sun. We used to sing to Lola in the ring to stop her getting nervous and so it's lots of fun.
We go to pony club now too. It's lots of fun but the lady goes on about heels down a lot too. But it is really hard to do that. We go to pole jumping too. Which is proper showjumping but for little ponies. Lola goes fast and I hold on because she jumps high. 
I love my pony because as soon as I stroke her she licks you and gives kisses and she is furry and cuddly. 
I love The Mane Show because we do fun videos and because mummy doesn't have to spend all day washing Lola who she calls a swamp dweller. Well I do really like the prizes too and I get quite a lot. The judge must really like my pony but I know that's because (silly voice) "everyone loves Lola".