Jane & Stan The Man's story: part 1

When a friend private messages you via Facebook " Do you want a Summer Tme Project " ??  You actually question yourself do they concider you as a friend or NOT. She told me the basics that he was a 16.2h ID x TB , 12yr old Chestnut Gelding and his name was Stan The Man and when did iIwant to go and see him ??  

I agreed to go and see him and straight away I fell for him. He had a lovely kind eye and seeked my attention by nuzzling in my pockets for anything edible. We went back to the house to eat home made lasagne and after drinking several bottles of wine I agreed to have him for the summer .

Several days later, after eventually finding somewhere for Stan to live, he arrived. He came off the lorry like a raging bull and seemed to have grown several hands. I decided to start as I meant to go on and set to straight away whilst he was still in shock of his new surroundings. I lent over him bareback and sat on him pretty much straight away.  I then set to giving him a major tidy up, mane and tail pull, and then to see what he thought of the clippers to tidy up his heels and facial hair. He never moved a muscle. I think he actually enjoyed the attention .

Stan came with a list of what to do and what not to do and I basically threw it away. I started with a blank canvas based on what people had said about him, sadly he'd got himself a pretty bad reputation and was disliked by many for his attitude and antics .

The next day with the help of a friend we tacked up Stan and lunged him to which he seemed pretty chilled about, so I quickly got on board and once again he didnt seem at all bothered. This was a sigh of relief and now I felt that I had got the worst part out of the way.

One thing his owner did say is that he had to be ridden everyday . So for the next 6 months one way or another he was ridden. We walked, trotted, cantered and jumped and he never batted an eye lid. We went to our 1st Fun Ride where he behaved beautifully and jumped like a stag over everything I asked from logs to hunt rails and hedges.

Boy this horse had got a decent jump to him. But only at a hand canter !!!!!! The poor horse didn't know how to get a shift on to a fence because he`d been a showjumper for most of his life rustic and natural fences were alien to him and he only really knew one speed and going into a 4ft hedge with a decent spread was a little daunting especially when you try to up the gears and nothing happens. He had that much power behind he`d launch himself enough to clear the fence. I had to learn to ride again. I had to learn to approach big fences at an un nerving steady hand canter and trust him to get over and he did with ease - leaving me a smile from ear to ear.

I felt like the cat with the cream and I was looking forward to having some fun with him.  What was all the fuss about ??