Chloe & Rocky

Hello my name is Chloe and I have Asperger's syndrome disorder in other words autism and also have dyslexia (so sorry if there is any spelling mistakes ) I had started riding at 13 at a riding school but left as some people weren't very nice.


Just before I left I was looking for a friend (a loan horse ) I found one he was called rocky he was 21 at the time a palomino Arab cross a beautiful boy love at first sight he was owned by a lovely lady who has taught me everything ( thank you so so much Michelle for everything ).


I loaned him for 1 year and a half we done a fun ride and a show but transport is very hard to find and expensive . This is why the mane show works very well as you can do it from home.


This Christmas the most amazing thing happened Michelle gave me rocky for Christmas (the video was march's winner of the make me smile video class if you want to see it warning  you might need tissues - click HERE to watch it). It made my dream come true and he has helped me grow so much.


See with autism horses are better to understand then people and I think rocky has a bit of Asperger's syndrome too  he is always away from his mates In the feild and like routine and structure it's like we were made to be together and understand each other he is a very good boy and hope to enter more and more mane show classes as they work very well for us. Now he is 23 and doing very well he was jumping for the 1st time in 4 years the other day still very young at heart. We will have many more fun packed years together he is my little unicorn.


Thank you for reading mine and Rockys story you will see us about in the mane show classes.


Chloe and rocky


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