An introduction from The Mane Show's resident equine photography blogger Ami

Hi Everyone!

My name is Ami and I am an equestrian photographer who owns Hoofbeats and Pawprints Photography! I have been photographing horses and ponies for the past 3yrs alongside my wedding photography and specialise in portraits.

Katie has asked me to be involved with The Mane Show to talk about everything photography. As so many of you enter the wonderful photo competitions and showing here on The Mane Show a regular blog with hints and tips on how to get the most from your photos is something that could be helpful to a few of you. I am not just going to talk about that though I will also blog about some of my own experiences, horses and photography as well I am pretty damn passionate about those things! 

I will be using my own horse Pearl my Lusitano filly to be my beautiful assistant on any tutorials!

Some of the topics I plan on covering will be….. (and don’t worry I will be breaking down my guides on how to do these things on your average phone camera) 

A step by step guide to lighting, mostly natural but also a bit of artificial. 
Posing, verticals and angles.
I will share some stories from my own shoots
Touch a little on copyright laws
I will talk about the emotional importance of photography
How and why you should be backing up your photos
The best places to buy really beautiful photo products

Of course a whole lot of other stuff that will come to my creative imagination as I go along! 

I live and breath photography, for me its the most incredible thing that we have the opportunity to immortalise moments in time so I am so excited to have the opportunity to talk to you all about this subject. Even better that its within the equestrian community! 

I will also be fully open to questions! So for each blog I do I will answer one or two of your own questions which can be about anything you like. Just drop them over in an email to

I can’t wait to get stuck in to this and hear from some of you! In the meantime I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and good luck for Aprils competitors! 

Ami xx
Tel: 07816 605 947